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PAX AUS Interview – Samurai Punk on Screencheat

Posted by Erin Marcon On Friday 31 October 2014No Comments

As a quick stroll around the PAX AUS show floor will tell you, everyone is looking to uncover a concept or mechanic that will define the future of gaming. Meanwhile, one developer is delving into the past, not only in search of nostalgia, but also to find new ways to innovate.

Melbourne based indie team Samurai Punk is hoping to recreate the no holds barred bedlam of N64 era split screen deathmatches with Screencheat. This chaotic and colourful multiplayer game actually encourages players to spy on each other’s screens, which of course was considered something of a no-no in the days of GoldenEye 007. Read the rest of this entry »

PAX AUS Interview – Thomas Janson on Wave Wave

Posted by Stephen del Prado On Friday 31 October 2014No Comments

While many major publishers and developers have been forced to shut up shop in Australia, there are still numerous independent developers toiling away at their craft, creating interesting and innovative titles. The PAX AUS Indie Showcase promises to shine a spotlight on some of these figures, and we at the Black Panel saw an opportunity to patriotically spread the word about some of the quality titles being produced in our own backyard.

Wave Wave is one such title. Released for iOS and Android in February 2014, the game is a mixture of design philosophies, channelling elements of Duet, Jetpack Joyride and Time Surfer whilst distinctly remaining its own beast. Its sole developer Thomas Janson was awarded a place in the 2014 PAX AUS Indie Showcase, a stellar recognition of his hard work and ingenuity. Read the rest of this entry »

Project Spark Review

Posted by Adam Rorke On Thursday 30 October 2014No Comments

Available on XBO and PC l Published by Microsoft l Developed by Team Dakota and Skybox Labs l Classified PG l Supports 1-4 players

REVIEW IN BRIEF > Finally Xbox owners have an avenue to create their own masterpieces on their consoles. Project Spark offers a lot of depth and variety in its toolsets, however it is let down by bugs and poor performance. Whether or not Spark succeeds or fails is completely reliant on the community that backs it. Read the rest of this entry »

Shadow Warrior Review

Posted by Dylan Burns On Wednesday 29 October 2014No Comments

Available on PS4, XBO, PC l Published by Devolver Digital l Developed by Flying Wild Hog l Classified R18+ l Supports 1 player

REVIEW IN BRIEF > A well-honed shooter-slasher hybrid, Shadow Warrior hearkens back to times when level doors required keys and off-screen wisecracks were compulsory. The gameplay is satisfying and varied enough to pull you through the uncomplicated adventure. With plenty of upgrade paths to fill and heaps of weapons, each of which combines perfectly with the sword, Shadow Warrior fulfils its brief as a light-hearted action ride without overstepping its ambition. Read the rest of this entry »