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I’ve got a theory

Posted by Erin Marcon On Friday 22 January 2010Comments Off

A new gameplay trailer has emerged for Tecmo’s forthcoming sci-fi title Quantum Theory.

A third person action game with an emphasis on firing from cover, Quantum Theory has undoubtedly been influenced by Gears of War. While the gameplay similarities are quite obvious, the art design owes, if anything, an even greater debt. The muted colour palette, square jawed character design and ghoulish alien adversaries immediately evoke Epic Game’s bestselling franchise.

There are differences of course. In Gears of War, you’re teamed with another barely cognisant he-man, and your only contact with women is to plug them full of lead. Quantum Theory strikes a blow for feminism by having you fighting alongside a luminescent sword wielding call girl. One of these games was developed in the United States, the other in Japan. Can you guess which is which?

Originally announced solely for the PS3, Quantum Theory is now expected to be released on both 360 and PS3 in 2010, most likely in Q1.

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