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Bizarre end

Posted by Black Panel Staff On Monday 21 February 2011Comments Off

The team responsible for some of the more compelling driving games of the past decade is no more. As reported by Edge, parent company Activision has made good on its November 2010 promise to close the UK studio unless it could secure a buyer.

The mega publisher purchased Bizarre Creations in 2007, but allowed it to release only two games before swinging the axe. The first was Blur, a manic racer that sought to bring arcade style power-ups into a more mature environment. The second was James Bond 007:  Bloodstone, a poorly received third person shooter.

Established in 1994, the studio was best known for its work on Project Gotham Racing, a series that rewarded stylish driving as much as speed. Lightning fast and neon bright, the Geometry Wars twin stick shooters provided Bizarre with downloadable success.

The tribute video posted above was issued by Bizarre video editor Eamon Urtone, who will obviously be leaving with some fond memories.

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