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Valve teases DOTA 2

Posted by Erin Marcon On Tuesday 16 August 2011Comments Off

They’re certainly keeping themselves occupied at Valve Software. Just days after confirming that a new Counter-Strike is in the works, the increasingly prolific developer has issued the first trailer for DOTA 2. While it isn’t terribly informative in terms of gameplay, the clip does hint at the level of quality players can expect from the cinematics.

The forthcoming Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) release will make its debut at this week’s Gamescom show in Germany, where it will be the subject of a million dollar tournament. It seems that Valve is looking for a slice (and a rather big one at that) of the growing competitive gaming scene.

The very existence of DOTA 2 has become the subject of debate. The series began life as Defense of the Ancients, a community driven mod for Blizzard Entertainment’s popular WarCraft III RTS. Two of the developers to work on the project went on to join Riot Games, the studio responsible for DOTA rival League of Legends. However, neither Blizzard nor Riot are involved in production of the sequel. As revealed by Eurogamer and Destructoid, representatives of both studios have expressed misgivings about Valve’s claim to the property, which appears to rely on its ongoing relationship with Abdul Ismail (AKA IceFrog), another of the designers to work on the mod.

DOTA 2 is set for release on PC later this year.

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