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Don’t be afraid of the dark

Posted by Black Panel Staff On Tuesday 22 May 20121 COMMENT

“Don’t you be dissin’ my hoodie, son.”

Are you looking for inspiration in the lead up to the recently announced Stealthjam? Perhaps you’d like to take a peek at Dark, the newly announced game from Kalypso Media and RealmForge Studios. This stealth action game takes place in a cyberpunk future dominated by the GeoForge Corporation. The game features subdued cell-shaded graphics and what the developer has termed “RPG elements”.

Dark tasks you with investigating the aforementioned company, a job that requires you to take out adversaries quickly and quietly. Fortunately, you have a distinct advantage in this regard. You see, you’re actually a vampire (yep, that old chestnut) and as such you possess a number of supernatural talents including the handy ability to dissolve into a puff of smoke.

A fusion of horror, sci-fi and fantasy, Dark is slated to arrive on 360 and PC in early 2013. It will be the first release from RealmForge since last year’s Dungeons: The Dark Lord.

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One Comment

  1. Hewso says:

    That looks like a really cool idea, kind of Thief as a Vampire. Colour me interested…..

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