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Posted by Black Panel Staff On Friday 10 August 2012Comments Off

NanoBITES captures those small but important morsels of gaming information that otherwise might slip between the cracks.

ITEM! Blizzard Entertainment’s Battle.net portal has been hacked. Though it claims the information accessed should not be sufficient to compromise accounts, Blizzard has nevertheless urged its users to change their passwords.

ITEM! Epic Games has unveiled its latest development house. It consists primarily of Big Huge Games staff scooped up in the wake of the collapse of 38 Studios. Dubbed Impossible Studios, the new team is hard at work on Infinity Blade: Dungeons.

ITEM! Australian middleware company BigWorld has been snapped up by an international suitor. As reported by Venture Beat, the online gaming specialist was this week acquired by World of Tanks developer Wargaming.net for US $45m.

ITEM! Thanks to Warner Bros Interactive, the series with the most generic title in popular entertainment is set to expand. Game Party Champions for Wii U will soon join Game Party, More Game Party and Game Party in Motion in bargain bins everywhere.

ITEM! The voice cast for Arkane Studios’ Dishonored will feature respected Hollywood actors Susan Sarandon (Rugrats in Paris: The Movie), Brad Dourif (Critters 4), Carrie Fisher (Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle) and Michael Madsen (Bloodrayne).

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