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Capcom remembers

Posted by Erin Marcon On Thursday 16 August 2012Comments Off

We may be in the dying days of the current console generation, but Capcom has again demonstrated its willingness to roll the dice on new concepts. The company this week announced plans to publish sci-fi blockbuster Remember Me, an original third person action game from developer DONTNOD Entertainment. The lavish announcement trailer suggests that we’re in for a futuristic blend of platforming, melee combat and gunplay.

Remember Me takes place in a world in which memories can be manipulated in order to gain a strategic or financial advantage. The star of the show is Nilin, a “memory hunter” with the ability to infiltrate the minds of her targets. Unfortunately for Nilin, her own mind has proven to be less than secure. In fact, some inconsiderate so-and-so has erased her identity entirely. It’s the kind of premise that could well appeal to fans of Total Recall and Inception.

As reported by Joystiq, Sony was originally in line to publish Remember Me (then known as Adrift) as a PS3 exclusive. The deal fell through. Capcom swooped. The rest is history. Look for Remember Me to arrive on 360, PS3 and PC in May 2013.

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