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So this is what they’ve been up to

Posted by Erin Marcon On Friday 24 August 2012Comments Off

More than two years after revealing itself to the world, Seattle’s Undead Labs has offered up a glimpse of its inaugural project. No, it isn’t its long promised MMO, but rather its more recently announced XBLA and PC project with Microsoft. Now known as State of Decay (not a bad choice considering that most of the good zombie puns have already been taken), this open world action effort will be released into a market clogged with similarly themed titles.

The announcement trailer suggests that there will be as much focus on exploration, stealth and good old fashioned running for your life as there will be on third person gunplay. By the looks of it, setting things on fire will also play a significant role in proceedings, as will running down hapless ghouls in various motor vehicles. In other words, just what you’ve come to expect from a zombie game.

A release date is yet to be announced for State of Decay.

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