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Pull the strings!

Posted by Joel Guttenberg On Tuesday 25 September 2012Comments Off

Sony Worldwide Studios has released a new trailer for their theatrical platform title, Puppeteer. The new trailer reveals a few more story snippets and shows off more of the game’s colourful and intricate puppet stage environments. The characters, especially the Witch evoked an old memory of a Punch and Judy show, and the paper cut-out characters reminded me a little of Paper Mario.

The game completes the puppet theatre feel by having the environments change around the player’s avatar like backdrops in a proper marionette performance. The gameplay isn’t limited by this mechanic as the trailer shows movement in and out of the scene as well as horizontal and vertical motion.

The look of the game and some unique gameplay elements, such as cutting your way through the scenes with magical scissors, combine to make a package (or is that a production?) which sets itself apart from anything else on the horizon at the moment.

If you can excuse the developer’s terrible (but temporary) voice acting for the various characters (for which he had the good grace to admit some embarrassment), then this is one to keep an eye on.

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