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Mouse House buys Maniac Mansion

Posted by Erin Marcon On Wednesday 31 October 2012Comments Off

These are the new digs, Doll. What do ya think?

The Walt Disney Company is to purchase Lucasfilm in a US $4.05b transaction that includes ownership of the LucasArts game development business.

Director George Lucas formed LucasArts in 1982 and titles such as Maniac Mansion, The Secret of Monkey Island and Grim Fandango (pictured above) saw the studio hailed as a champion of the adventure game genre.

In more recent years, LucasArts has relied primarily on its most iconic film licence. The studio’s current project, for example, is Star Wars: 1313, a third person shooter set in the criminal underworld of the popular sci-fi universe.

Given that Disney already has a games development division of its own, it will be interesting to see if LucasArts is retained as a separate entity. A Disney representative told Game Informer that all of the studio’s existing projects will proceed for “the time being”.

Of course, the most widely publicised component of the Disney announcement is the revelation that a new Star Wars film is in the works for 2015. While series visionary Lucas will serve as a creative consultant on the project, it will be written and directed by a new generation of filmmakers.

Image Credit: MobyGames

If you must pirate, at least get it right

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Don’t ask.

Hotline Miami co-creator Jonatan Söderström has confronted the miscreants responsible for illegally uploading his game to a torrent site. Of course, by ‘confronted’, we actually mean that Söderström has politely asked the thieves to patch their version of the game to ensure the best possible experience for pirate players.

As reported by PC Gamer, the remarkably magnanimous developer took to the Pirate Bay forums to tell users that a range of bug fixes are in the works. He then noted that it would “be great if you could update the torrent when the patch is out! It’d be great if people get to play it without any bugs popping up. Hope everyone will enjoy the game!”

While he also encouraged players to shell out their hard earned, the developer demonstrated considerable empathy towards financially stricken gamers. “I don’t really want people to pirate Hotline Miami,” Söderström said the following day on Twitter, “but I understand if they do. I’ve been broke the last couple of months. It sucks.”

The latest indie PC game to ride the retro wave, Hotline Miami challenges players to drill, smash and blast their way through the Miami crime scene, circa 1989.

nanoBITES 95

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The dance-off that determined the fate of the world.

NanoBITES captures those small but important morsels of gaming information that otherwise might slip between the cracks.

ITEM! If you’ve already liberated Earth from alien invaders, you should know that the threat hasn’t entirely abated. Coming “soon” to all editions of XCOM: Enemy Unknown is the Slingshot pack, a downloadable expansion containing new missions and maps.

ITEM! Forthcoming sci-fi sequel Halo 4 will be supported with at least three post release multiplayer map packs. As reported by Joystiq, the first batch (dubbed ‘Crimson’) will arrive in December.

ITEM! A Californian court has thrown out several of the class action claims lodged in the wake of the 2011 security breach of the PlayStation Network, according to a report by Courthouse News (via  CVG).

ITEM! K-Pop phenomenon Gangnam Style is to make its mark in the world of video games. Psy’s delirious worldwide hit will soon appear as DLC for the Kinect powered Dance Central 3 and multiplatform Just Dance 4.

ITEM! Publisher Bethesda Softworks has unveiled the first wave of DLC for its surprise hit Dishonored. Offering 10 challenge maps, Dunwall City Trials will “track your combat, stealth and mobility skills”. Look for it in December.

New Media 103

Posted by Black Panel Staff On Sunday 28 October 20122 COMMENTS

Presented in glorious alphabetical order, New Media: Retail Roundup is your indispensible checklist of the home console and handheld titles arriving in stores this week. What will you be playing?

MICROSOFT Xbox 360 007 Legends * Angry Birds Trilogy * Assassin’s Creed III * Need For Speed: Most Wanted

NINTENDO Wii Transformers: Prime 3DS Angry Birds Trilogy * Moshi Monsters: Moshling Theme Park * Transformers: Prime * The Trash Pack DS Moshi Monsters: Moshling Theme Park * Transformers: Prime * The Trash Pack

SONY PS3 007 Legends * Angry Birds Trilogy * Assassin’s Creed III * Need For Speed: Most Wanted PSV Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation * Need For Speed: Most Wanted

VARIOUS PC Football Manager 2013 * Need For Speed: Most Wanted

New Media: Downloadable Digest is your handy reminder of the downloadable titles released during the past week.

MICROSOFT Xbox 360 Bakugan: Defenders of the Core * Ben 10: Ultimate Alien * Dynasty Warriors 7 * Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus * Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13

NINTENDO Wii Nothing 3DS Mighty Bomb Jack * Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask

SONY PS3 007 Legends * Disney G-Force * Everyone Sing * Killzone HD * Medal of Honor: Warfighter * Prince Caspian * Pure Chess: Halloween Treat Bundle * The Unfinished Swan PSV Pure Chess: Halloween Treat Bundle * Street Fighter X Tekken * Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz

VALVE Steam 7 Wonders: Ancient Alien Makeover * A Game of Dwarves * Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers * Conquest of Elysium 3 * Deadlight * Fallen Enchantress * Farming Simulator 2013 * Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams * Hamlet: OTLGWMFSAPP * Hotline Miami * King’s Bounty: Warriors of the North * Nancy Drew: The Deadly Device * Rose Online * Trains vs Zombies 2 * Vanguard: Saga of Heroes