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Time to grow

Posted by Erin Marcon On Saturday 6 October 2012Comments Off

I can’t grow a decent mo. It’s that simple. My attempts at facial hair make me look like a 14 year old drug dealer. It would be all too easy for me to view Movember as a sadistic joke, an annual festival of humiliation in which I am repeatedly emasculated by my more bristly companions. I was about to write a blog post about the sheer cruelty of it all when it occurred to me that I should probably just get over it and donate some money to help prostate cancer research and male depression treatment.

Last year, our own Matt Hewson and his amazing teammates at the Australian Gaming Community (AGC) raised a ludicrous $11,000 for men’s health initiatives. “I couldn’t believe how well we did,” Matt says, noting that “it just goes to show how committed gamers are to helping a good cause.”

Matt was inspired to form the team after learning that his godfather was suffering from prostate cancer.  “I am happy to say my godfather is now in remission and things are looking great for him,” Matt said. “The fact he is healing is due to excellent medical care and scientific research which is in no small part funded by charities such as Movember.”

The time has now come to launch the 2012 campaign, a process Matt playfully describes as “getting the band back together”. He’s calling on Aussie gamers to visit the AGC Team Page and either sign up to grow a mo or sponsor the brave souls who are about to risk public humiliation in the name of men’s health. The team’s progress can also be followed on Twitter and Facebook. “All help is welcomed with open arms,” Matt says.

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