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Black Panel Podcast 50

Posted by Erin Marcon On Monday 22 October 20123 COMMENTS

In their “very special” 50th episode, the panellists look back at some of the titles and trends that have defined gaming since the show first went to air in September 2009.


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The Panellists: Erin Marcon (@ErinMarcon), Karen Jacobson (@KarenMJacobson), Peter Nickless, Joel Guttenberg and David Walden (@Havok73)

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2:41        Say it in 60

23:50      Thrillers, Killers and Fillers

59:49      Vox Pop

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  1. Stephen Foote says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed the episode and just a bit jealous that I can’t join in on the proceedings!

  2. Erin Marcon says:

    Hey man, if you’re ever in Melbourne, we’d love to have you on!

  3. Stephen Foote says:

    Will have to take you up on that offer, although the next time I’m in Melbourne will be for a grand total of 2 hours as a stop-over :/ Black Panel Airport Lounge Special anyone?

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