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When the dream sours…

Posted by Erin Marcon On Wednesday 5 December 2012Comments Off

Alpha Colony won’t be coming to PC, iOS, Android or anything else… at least for now.

It appears that some planes were never meant to fly. Earlier this year, DreamQuest Games launched a Kickstarter funding drive for its Alpha Colony project, a M.U.L.E. inspired sci-fi game in which players were to be challenged to gather and trade resources. DreamQuest asked for US $500k. Despite attracting just over $100k in pledges, the developer elected to abandon the Kickstarter when it became clear that it would fall well short of its goal.

Earlier this week, the sad tale of Alpha Colony became even more agonising. After launching a revised Kickstarter with a far more modest goal of $50k, DreamQuest was forced to watch (presumably in horror) as it finished a mere $28 short of its target. Under Kickstarter’s rules, DreamQuest won’t see a red cent. Why didn’t studio founder Christopher Williamson kick in the few remaining few dollars? “Despite all the snarky posts by others,” he told Gamasutra, “I had already contributed an extensive amount of my own money to the Kickstarter and called in many favours.”

Williamson was ultimately philosophical about the outcome, even hinting that the most recent Kickstarter effort probably wouldn’t have delivered the game he had envisioned. He noted on the game’s official site that to “be committed to deliver my dream game underfunded, understaffed, and leaving us all broke would have been even more heartbreaking than not funding at all.” After pouring more than $60,000 into the Alpha Colony sinkhole, DreamQuest will now turn its attention to “projects with more immediate demand and financial rewards…”

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