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Black Panel Podcast 52

Posted by Erin Marcon On Monday 17 December 20124 COMMENTS

In this episode: Dark Souls II, Destiny, Dirty Bomb, Streets of Rage, Kickstarter disaster, Duke Nukem Forever, Farming Simulator 2013 and much more!


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The Panellists: Erin Marcon (@ErinMarcon), Karen Jacobson (@KarenMJacobson), Peter Nickless and Joel Guttenberg

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Release the Press

1:06        Dark Souls II

4:35        Alpha Colony

7:13        Destiny

11:37      Streets of Rage

14:24      London Calling

Sadistic Santa

18:02      Duke Nukem Forever

25:51      Farming Simulator 2013

36:48      The Void

45:39      Legendary

Reviews Roundup

58:51      Smart As

59:24      New Super Mario Bros. U

1:00:03   Nintendo Land

1:00:27   Halo 4

1:00:58   Call of Duty: Black Ops II

1:01:53   Assassin’s Creed III

Question of the Decade

1:02:38   Is Xbox Live still better than PlayStation Plus?

Reaction Time

1:07:04   BioShock Infinite cover art controversy

Purse Panic

1:10:22             December releases

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  1. Erin Marcon says:

    Yeah, it sounded far too interesting for Sadistic Santa. We’ll be launching an investigation into how Pete got off so lightly this year.

  2. Joel says:

    Don’t worry, guys. Santa’s special Sadistic Imps are already prepping their ratdeer for the Boxing Day sales madness. I’m sure they’ll find some unspeakable titles in the bargain bins, which I just know will be handed over to Santa in time for next year…

  3. Hewso says:

    I am just disappointed that Santa didn’t give out Tour De France 2012 as a gift, I am sure Erin or Karen would have loved that.

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