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New Horizons 2013 (Part 1 of 5)

Posted by Erin Marcon On Monday 21 January 2013Comments Off


Welcome to the fourth annual edition of New Horizons. You can forget about sequels and spin-offs, because our massive preview special is overflowing with new and original games.

Having explored the future in 2011’s Capsized, indie developer Alientrap is about to delve into the past with the PC exclusive APOTHEON. This stylish 2D action platformer takes place against a backdrop of political turmoil in Ancient Greece. Hera has deposed Zeus as ruler of Mt. Olympus and she plans to use her first 100 days in office to reform the tax code (oh, and eradicate humanity). It’s up to you to stop her.

Toy Soldiers developer Signal Studios is preparing to unleash free-to-play action game ASCEND: NEW GODS. You’ll play as a missionary of sorts, though in this case ‘spreading the good word’ will generally mean butchering anyone foolhardy enough to defy your master. This XBLA and PC release will boast an innovative suite of multiplayer options, including the ability to send monsters kicking and screaming into other players’ campaigns.

Three former BioWare staffers are collaborating on a fusion of role playing and turn based strategy known as THE BANNER SAGA. This Viking powered debut from Stoic Studio will take place in a land bereft of Gods, a land in which the huddled masses must turn to you (it’s always you) for salvation. The downloadable nature of this PC project will unfortunately prevent it from shipping with a Stoic branded horn of mead.

After selling Castle Crashers to every man, woman and child on earth back in 2008, we can only assume that The Behemoth went on a four year cocaine bender. How else to explain the continued absence of BATTLEBLOCK THEATER from the Xbox Live Marketplace? This offbeat platformer will see you compete in a series of mini games in order to alleviate the boredom of your captors… who happen to be cats. REVIEW

If you enjoyed drinking orange juice and brushing your teeth in Heavy Rain (and to be fair, tracking down a serial killer), you’ll want to check out the next PS3 exclusive from David Cage and his team at Quantic Dream. Featuring the voice and likeness of Inception star Ellen Page, BEYOND: TWO SOULS follows the desperate trials of a determined young woman and the dangerous supernatural force that accompanies her. REVIEW

When you spend every waking hour shuffling around a monastery, you’re always on the lookout for something (anything!) to relieve the boredom. That’s why you’re willing to risk life and limb in BROKEN SEA, the epic fantasy RPG from Hungarian developer Neocore Games. This PC exclusive will see you voyaging on Dominion, a gargantuan vessel from a bygone era, as you investigate the resurgence of a forgotten empire.

Russian developer Snowbird Game Studios is now soliciting beta applications for its PC blend of role playing and naval combat. Set during the 17th century, CARIBBEAN has you filling the boots of a ruthless pirate. That’s assuming multiple boots are required. The preponderance of peg legs in the pirate community suggests one may be sufficient. As you pillage ships and plunder ports, you’ll build a fearsome fleet of bloodthirsty buccaneers.

Best known in recent years for its work on licensed properties such as The Darkness, Sweden’s Starbreeze Studios is about to release its first original game since 2003. Saddled with the slightly redundant title of BROTHERS: A TALE OF TWO SONS, this third person fantasy adventure follows the titular heroes as they quest to retrieve the ‘water of life’ for their ailing father. Look for this one on XBLA, PSN and PC in autumn. REVIEW

How’s your Kinect going? If the recent Steel Battalion revival didn’t prompt you to send your sensor express post to the heart of the sun, you might want to keep an eye out for CRIMSON DRAGON. Panzer Dragoon director Yukio Futatsugi is overseeing production and it looks very much like a spiritual successor to his most celebrated work. Will this endlessly delayed on-rails shooter finally take flight in 2013?

You can keep your spandex and space armour. When it comes to badass attire, you just can’t beat a hoodie. DARK not only decks you out in stylish casual ware, it affords you the nocturnal talents that are a vampire’s birthright. As a supernatural hero in a high tech world, you’ll employ a mix of action and stealth as you battle a corporation as massive as it is malevolent. The latest game from Realmforge Studios is coming to 360 and PC.


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