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THQ scattered to the wind

Posted by Erin Marcon On Monday 28 January 2013Comments Off

THQ’s head office has seen better days.

Update 29.01.13 – Crytek has revealed that it is about to open a new development house in Austin, Texas. As reported by IGN, the new business will be headed by Vigil Games co-founder David Adams and will feature around 35 of his colleagues from the now defunct THQ studio.

Original Story 28.01.13 – As expected, the assets of ailing publisher THQ have been broken up and dispatched to the four corners of the globe. The company has confirmed the sale of its Volition studio and associated Saints Row franchise to Koch Media (parent company of Dead Island publisher Deep Silver). Koch also secured the rights to the Metro 2033 series, the next instalment of which is due in March.

After long hinting of its interest in the publisher’s properties, Ubisoft made good on its threats, picking up THQ Montreal, along with a mysterious new IP (known as 1666) currently in development at the studio. As noted by CVG, the sale sees former Assassin’s Creed creative director Patrice Désilets return to the company that he departed less than three years ago. Ubisoft also secured the publication rights for the multiplatform South Park: Stick of Truth RPG.

SEGA purchased Warhammer 40K developer Relic Studios, possibly with a view to expanding its existing ties with the license. Take-Two Interactive purchased the (thus far unannounced) Evolve IP presently in the works at Turtle Rock. Finally, Crysis 3 creator Crytek acquired the rights to Homefront. At the time of the sale, Crytek’s UK studio had already commenced work on a sequel in partnership with THQ.

A range of high profile assets failed to attract a buyer, including Vigil Games and its Darksiders series. The Red Faction franchise was also overlooked. According to THQ, these properties will “continue in the Chapter 11 process”, which almost certainly means they will be sold off at a later date.

The sale raised US $72m ($28.2m from Koch, $5.8m from Ubisoft, $26.6m from SEGA, $10.9m from Take-Two, $500k from Crytek) for creditors.

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