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Ride to Hell confirmed for Australia

Posted by Black Panel Staff On Wednesday 10 April 2013Comments Off

Now remember boys, the speed limit is 50km unless otherwise signed. Be safe out there.

Despite the ubiquity of motorcycle gangs in popular culture, gamers have had few opportunities to explore the concept, with GTA IV expansion The Lost and Damned being a rare recent example of the genre. That’s about to change in a hurry, with confirmation that Deep Silver’s Ride to Hell trilogy will be coming to Australia.

The first, and perhaps most substantial release, will be Ride to Hell: Retribution, a game set during the 1960s. Players will take on the role of Jake Conway, a hog riding American badass determined to take down the Devil’s Hand motorcycle club (while taking in as much gratuitous nudity as he can). A full retail action game, Ride to Hell Retribution will be coming to 360, PS3 and PC on 27 June.

It will be joined on the same day by Ride to Hell: Route 666. This downloadable offering for XBLA, PSN and Steam will see players control an entire gang of outlaw riders. A third (as yet undated) title is also in the works. A good old fashioned brawler, Ride to Hell: Beatdown is on its way to mobile platforms.

All screens are from Ride to Hell: Retribution.

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