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Colonial Marines developer unveils free-to-play shooter

Posted by Erin Marcon On Thursday 11 April 2013Comments Off

After contributing to the widely panned Aliens: Colonial Marines, TimeGate Studios could be forgiven for keeping a low profile. Instead, the Texan developer is dusting itself off and charging back into the fray, this time with a promising creation of its own in tow.

Minimum is a team based PC shooter with an appropriately minimalist visual style. In terms of gameplay, TimeGate is focusing heavily on upgradeable weaponry, even going so far as to namedrop legendary arcade titles Raiden and Contra.

If the developer’s pre-release hype is any guide, players can look forward to some creative new modes. “In our signature Titan game mode, players battle in the shadow of awesome giants, harvesting energy from creatures in the environment to power their team’s Titan to ultimate victory.”

Players will be able to access an alpha version of the game from 16 April via Steam’s new Early Access scheme. Minimum will be free-to-play.

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