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Black Panel Podcast 69

Posted by Erin Marcon On Monday 16 September 2013Comments Off

In this episode: Valiant Hearts, Mighty No. 9, Vita TV, Child of Light, Saints Row IV, Diablo III, Metal Gear Solid V and much more!


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The Panellists: Erin Marcon (@ErinMarcon), Karen Jacobson (@KarenMJacobson), Peter Nickless and Joel Guttenberg

Music by Nathan Antony.

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Hot Topics

5:31       Child of Light

8:15       Valiant Hearts: The Great War

10:57     Tom Clancy’s Endwar Online

12:39     Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation

15:02     Missing Rayman levels

17:42     PlayStation Vita TV

22:14     Mighty No. 9

25:33     Xbox One details

Post Mortem

28:43     Saints Row IV

37:59     Diablo III

46:02     Metro 2033

50:43     Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Site Roundup

57:04     Conquer Mars Preview

57:51     Saints Row IV

Reaction Time

58:47     Kojima defends “erotic” art edict

Purse Panic

1:02:23            Release schedule for the next fortnight

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