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Lost Planet 3 Review

Posted by Matthew Hewson On Wednesday 18 September 2013Comments Off

Available on 360, PS3 and PC l Published by Capcom l Developed by Spark Unlimited l Classified M l Supports 1-10 players

REVIEW IN BRIEF > Lost Planet 3 is without a doubt the best entry in the series, though to be honest, that isn’t a huge achievement. The game features an interesting story and some great set piece battles but is held back by generic third person shooter conventions, an excessive number of quiet moments and some boring side quests. This can be a fun game at times, but in the year of the mediocre shooter, it really just another one for the pile.

REVIEW IN FULL > Dear NEVEC Corporation,

I am writing to complain about your current ‘Working Holiday to EDN III’ promotion. Having just returned from this trip, I want to draw your attention to many issues and problems that I feel you need to (at the very least) apologise for. I realise that these adventure style holidays are often problematic, but it seems that my trip was one disaster after another.

the local wildlife made completing even the most mundane tasks seem thrilling

I took this trip to get a break from my screaming child and to earn some extra money. I packed up my mech and hopped aboard what looked to be a high quality space faring vessel. Little did I know that it wasn’t rated to handle even a slight wind storm and consequently crash-landed upon arrival at EDN III. I was then forced to fight my way to the base, as the local wildlife thought I would be a great snack. Not the best start to a vacation, I’m sure you would agree.

Your brochure promised amazing scenery and wonderful people. Now, I can’t deny there were some pretty sights, but once you’ve seen one snow covered landscape you’ve pretty much seen them all. I could have gone to Alaska if all I had wanted to see was snow. Also, I don’t know if it was the cold, but for some reason everyone’s faces looked strangely plastic and their lips barely seemed to move. What was worse is that when I looked in the mirror, I could see it happening to me as well. As for the people, it was almost as if you brought in one blatant racial stereotype from each of Earth’s biggest countries just to prove that you could be diverse.

Let’s move on to the work that I had to do. This is where your brochure was at least somewhat accurate. The work was generally exciting and interesting, though you did leave out the part about it being life threatening. I must say that the local wildlife made completing even the most mundane tasks seem thrilling. I got to handle a wide range of weaponry and live out my Rambo dreams. I had a great time using my mining attachments to take down insectoid behemoths. After about eight hours, though, it felt more like a monotonous drudge than an adrenaline filled thrill ride. I think you need to shorten your future trips to ensure your prospective clients don’t succumb to the same boredom.

I also think you sold the story of EDN III short. If you changed your marketing plan, I’m sure that historians and the like would be more inclined to taking you up on your offer. I found that there were some interesting stories to be told by both the local workers and the indigenous population. I know I found my time studying these tales to be a highlight of my days spent on EDN III. I also appreciated the equipment that allowed me to revisit text and audio logs at a later date. It became a real hobby of mine and helped me to keep my perspective during the long and cold nights.

I was forever just wandering from one level of the base to another, waiting for something to happen.

Despite assurances from your representatives of a non-stop working trip, I had a lot of time to just walk around and do nothing. It seemed I was forever just wandering from one level of the base to another, waiting for something to happen. This excess of downtime nearly led me to calling the whole trip off and coming home, screaming kid or not.

In the end, I must say I find it difficult to recommend your Working Holiday to EDN III. While I had a good time shooting aliens and crushing them with my mech, it wasn’t enough to hide the flaws in the package. There is really no reason for anyone to take your trip, especially when there are much better holidays available. If things don’t improve drastically, I can’t see your trip being offered in the future anyway.

Yours sincerely,

Matt Hewson.

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