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Return to Nosgoth

Posted by Erin Marcon On Thursday 26 September 20133 COMMENTS

The once prominent Legacy of Kain series is about to be dragged out of mothballs for the first time since 2003. Publisher Square Enix this week revealed that the new game will be known as Nosgoth in reference to the magical world in which the series is set. The publisher also released a promotional video in support of this chaotic action sequel.

In a major departure for the series, the new offering will be a multiplayer only affair. Will this rob the game of its identity? Not according to George Kelion of Square Enix, who claims that “Nosgoth draws upon the thousands of years worth of lore and conflict at the heart of the Legacy of Kain mythos” to build a “sense of place and history”.

Development duties on this PC exclusive have been assigned to Psyonix, a team best known for its contract work on games from other developers, including high profile projects like Gears of War and XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

Nosgoth will be free-to-play. A release date is yet to be announced.

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  1. Hewso says:

    gah I just want a new Kain and Raziel game. Two excellent characters that never got the props they deserved.

  2. Erin Marcon says:

    Always naysaying Matt. Most Legacy of Kain players were hoping for a PC only, multiplayer only, microtransaction-driven sequel.

  3. Hewso says:

    It is such a strange move. The original games were so heavily focused on a single player story, even to the determent of gameplay at times, and now they are going MMO. Seems to me they had a game in development and thought that if they slapped “Legecy of Kain” on it would do better business.

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