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Looks pretty ‘charted’ to me

Posted by Karen Jacobson On Friday 15 November 2013Comments Off

Those who have followed the fortunes (and subsequent misfortunes) of the rugged Nathan Drake during his PS3 adventures will be pleased to know that a fourth instalment of Uncharted is in production for the PS4.

Naughty Dog cofounder Evan Wells made the announcement this week at Spike TV’s PlayStation 4 launch event. Coupled with the announcement was a teaser trailer that mainly involved a camera following a drawn map as an angry voice proclaimed vengeance on whoever left him “rotting in that hellhole” for 15 years (at a guess, it was Drake’s fault).

Series writer Amy Hennig is on board again, as is Justin Richmond, director of Uncharted 3. The narration is by Todd Stashwick, known for his work on television programs such as Justified. Naughty Dog has confirmed that he will play a character in the game.

In a recent post on the PlayStation blog, Naughty Dog community guru Arne Meyer exclaimed  “Our goal is to continue what we’ve done in previous console generations and once again deliver the best in storytelling, performance capture, technical innovation and graphics on the PS4.” Clearly they need to work on their confidence and self esteem issues over there at Naughty Dog.

While no release date was offered, the announcement of a new Uncharted certainly provides the PlayStation faithful with a big boost ahead of the new console’s launch.

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