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Cyanide prepping Of Orcs and Men spinoff

Posted by Erin Marcon On Friday 31 January 2014Comments Off

Dusting the corners is always a pain.

Hands up if you were expecting a sequel to Of Orcs and Men. Oh, put your hands down for goodness sake. You’re just being silly. Cyanide Studio’s fantasy RPG may have received a so-so reception from critics, but that hasn’t discouraged the Parisian developer from doubling down. In partnership with publisher Focus Home Interactive, Cyanide this week revealed that it is working on Styx: Master of Shadows.

As the title suggests, the action will centre around the goblin known as Styx, one of the two leads featured in the preceding game. According to the press material, this latest instalment will concentrate on “the arts of stealth, theft, and murder.” Hey, if murder and theft can be considered art, surely we can lay the ‘games as art’ debate to rest?

Notwithstanding the greater focus on stealth, Styx: Master of Shadows will retain a range of RPG elements, including the ability to earn experience and progress along six talent trees.

Styx: Master of Shadows is coming to PC in 2014.

Test Tube – Two hours with Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition

Posted by Matthew Hewson On Thursday 30 January 2014Comments Off

Welcome to Test Tube. Not to be confused with our full reviews, these ‘two hour test’ articles see us tackle remakes, ports, expansions, mobile games and other titles of interest.

Available on XBO and PS4 l Published by Square Enix l Developed by Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal (with Nixxes Software and United Front Games) l Classified MA15+ l Supports 1-8 players

Last year Lara Croft made a comeback bigger than John Travolta in Pulp Fiction. The simply titled Tomb Raider was just what the doctor ordered to resurrect Lara’s flailing career as an adventurer. A dark and gloomy tale that showed a young Lara fighting to survive was backed up by some top-notch gameplay and great graphics. Well, Square Enix has decided that there was still some room for improvement and so has brought her adventure to the next gen with the ‘Tomb Raider: Holy Hell This is a Damn Fine Looking Game Edition’. It may also be called the ‘Definitive Edition’ in some stores so be sure to ask for that if the clerk looks at you funny. Read the rest of this entry »

The Banner Saga Review

Posted by Matthew Hewson On Wednesday 29 January 2014Comments Off

Available on PC l Published by Versus Evil l Developed by Stoic l Unclassified l Supports 1 player

REVIEW IN BRIEF > After the problems with the preview build, it is nice to see that Stoic has smoothed out The Banner Saga experience. More time with this amazingly beautiful turn based strategy/RPG hybrid has also helped to iron out some of my misgivings. It still has a few issues, but I couldn’t help but find myself immersed in this bleak and hostile world. It may not always make sense, but The Banner Saga is a brutally entertaining ride. Read the rest of this entry »

Microsoft snags Gears

Posted by Erin Marcon On Tuesday 28 January 2014Comments Off

Delta Squad moments before being crushed by an Xbox One.

As Microsoft battles to gain a foothold in the marketplace with its fledgling Xbox One console, it has secured ownership of one of the defining titles of the preceding generation. According to Microsoft, it has reached an agreement with Epic Games to obtain the Gears of War franchise, with the deal “including rights to all existing and future games, entertainment experiences and merchandise.” So, if you’re looking to manufacture Marcus Fenix pez dispensers, you’ll be dealing with Microsoft from now on.

While Epic and its subsidiaries were responsible for the first four titles in the hitherto Xbox 360 exclusive series, it will not be involved in future instalments. According to Epic founder Tim Sweeney, “We’re very proud of the franchise we built in close partnership with Microsoft over the past decade and are happy that this agreement enables Microsoft to forge ahead with the ‘Gears’ universe on their industry-leading platforms as Epic concentrates its efforts on new projects.”

The next Gears release will be produced by recently formed Microsoft first party Black Tusk. The studio has engaged former Epic employee (and Gears series veteran) Rod Fergusson to oversee development.