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New Deep Down footage features swords, sorcery

Posted by Erin Marcon On Thursday 2 January 2014Comments Off

Thanks to the likes of Monster Hunter and Dragon’s Dogma, Capcom is becoming a major player in the hack-and-slash genre. Another fantasy themed action romp set to join the party is Deep Down. Vision of Capcom’s forthcoming PS4 exclusive has proven quite elusive thus far, but it seems that the publisher is finally willing to offer us another look.

The minute long clip shows a handful of knights employing both sword and sorcery in an attempt to subdue what appears to be a giant crustacean. Appearances notwithstanding, the events of Deep Down actually take place in New York City circa 2094. Perhaps the monsters were once cute little pets before being flushed down the toilet by cruel parents and exposed to radioactive goo.

As is the fashion these days, the dungeons of Deep Down will be procedurally generated to ensure a fresh experience every time you head (deep) down in search of some blood-drenched catharsis.

Capcom is yet to announce a release date for Deep Down.

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