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Driveclub still a thing, due in October

Posted by Erin Marcon On Wednesday 30 April 2014Comments Off

Following multiple delays, Sony has revealed that the PS4 exclusive Driveclub is now on track for an October debut. Although the early buzz surrounding Driveclub has been somewhat mixed, the fact that Sony is willing to launch the game during one of the most competitive release windows of the year does seem to demonstrate its faith in the product. As reported by CVG, the publisher is also still planning to make a free-to-play version available to PlayStation Plus subscribers.

The latest (rather moody) trailer for the game begins with misty mountains and windswept highways, before dissolving into slow motion imagery of some of the most highly coveted speed machines. The almost pornographic camera lingers on the smallest details such as hubcaps and headlines. If you’re just a casual racing fan, you’ll probably want to skip to around 50 second mark, the point at which actual racing footage finally makes an appearance.

Development duties are being handles by Sony first party Evolution Studios, best known for its work on the MotorStorm series.

Dragon Age: Inquisition looks a bit grisly

Posted by Black Panel Staff On Tuesday 29 April 2014Comments Off

EA and BioWare have issued a new Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer packed with in-game footage. The two-minute clip opens with some truly grisly vision of burning flesh, but if you can endure that for just a moment or two, you’ll be rewarded with a good mix of cinematics and gameplay. The sparse narrative confirms that the fate of the world is once again (you guessed it) in your hands.

It’s been a long time between drinks for Dragon Age fans. Only 16 months elapsed between the release of the first and second instalments, but it has now been more than three years since Dragon Age 2 disappeared into the rear view mirror. The transition from one console generation to the next is one obvious culprit. Another, surely, is the decidedly mixed response endured by Dragon Age 2.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is due to arrive on XBO, PS4, PC, 360 and PS3 in October.

Worm turning for PC gaming

Posted by Black Panel Staff On Monday 28 April 2014Comments Off

People seem to like League of Legends.

PC gaming continues to be written off on a regular basis. It has actually been written off three times just in the time that you’ve spent reading these words. The negativity isn’t entirely without foundation. While the platform is well served for MMOs and indie gems, blockbuster titles often arrive first on consoles. If they’re lucky, PC audiences receive these games a few months (or even years) later, almost as an afterthought. Once again, though, the obituaries have proven to be premature.

Free-to-play titles such as League of Legends and DOTA 2 are driving huge audiences to the PC platform. As revealed by PCR, David Cole of DFC Intelligence is reporting that, at least in terms of revenue, the PC market is currently larger than the console market. “On a global basis PC games have surpassed console games,” Cole said, noting that MOBA titles “dominate everything else by an order of magnitude”. Cole also foresees growth in the console market as the recently introduced platforms mature.

Is this good news for PC gaming? Is this reliance on MOBA titles healthy? Will consoles struggle to survive in the coming years? These are, in fact, questions. You can tell by the question marks at the end of each sentence.

E.T. carts unearthed in New Mexico desert

Posted by Erin Marcon On Sunday 27 April 2014Comments Off

Arguably the most important discovery in human history.

Just last year, Metro published a seemingly definitive list of the top 10 archaeological finds of all time. The discovery of Tutankhamun’s Tomb, the Ruins of Pompeii and the Dead Sea Scrolls not only left the world spellbound, but also radically altered our understanding of human history. However, these discoveries have just been consigned to near irrelevance by the events currently unfolding in New Mexico.

As reported by Reuters, documentary filmmakers have just uncovered the burial site of hundreds of unsold copies of E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial for the Atari 2600. Long dismissed as an urban myth, the burial of the cartridges was carried out in the wake of disastrous sales of the game. Despite its association with Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster film, the game has become notorious for its poor quality.

The documentary about the game, being produced by Xbox Entertainment Studios, now has the perfect ending. There has been no word as yet on if and when Metro will revise its top 10 list.

In related news, Stephen Spielberg has just signed on to direct another acronym-centric film. Which studio will be brave enough to produce a video game inspired by  BFG: Big Friendly Giant?

Image credit: Major Nelson