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Welcome Player 2: The Adventures of Hewson & Son

Posted by Matthew Hewson On Friday 23 January 2015Comments Off

Hewson & Son

Quite a few years ago I came across a problem in my gaming life. That problem was that most of my friends didn’t actually like gaming that much. I mean sure they would enjoy the occasional drunken game of NBA Jam but none of them shared the passion like I did. This led to a shortage of players for multiplayer events and in the days of yore, a time before XBLA and PSN, I had almost no one to get a game with. What made it worse was that not even my girlfriend (now wife) wanted to join in the fun. I was stuck with no one to turn to. Sitting in my lounge room playing Street Fighter against the computer was common. That is how bad my gaming situation was. Read the rest of this entry »

The Black Panel Festivity Feature

Posted by Black Panel Staff On Wednesday 24 December 2014Comments Off
We've put out a cozy seat for you by the fire.

We’ve put out a cozy seat for you by the fire.

Time sure seems to fly and we’re once again at that time of year when seasonal department store employees risk losing their sanity as they listen to yet another repeat of Maria Carey’s, All I Want for Christmas is You. We just hope those same employees are not fans of the Postal series, or looking forward to Hatred. Those stalwart salesmen and women are heroes in their own right, helping us gamers select titles for the various Christmas stockings we need to fill. Or, perhaps they’re just taking our money.

In previous years we have put together our Sadistic Santa Podcast special, where each member of the podcast team was given some hellish title to play and then would report on his or her miserable experience.

This year there is something a bit different for your enjoyment. While we’re all thinking about the season of giving and receiving it seemed like a good excuse for us to pick some gaming gifts.

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Hewso’s Games of the Year

Posted by Matthew Hewson On Sunday 21 December 20141 COMMENT
All Hewso's favourite games jammed into one banner!

All Hewso’s favourite games jammed into one banner!

The end of the year brings inevitable “best of lists” and I didn’t want to miss out on the fun. But I thought I would do something a little different from what usually appears on the site and create a video montage of my favourite games of the year.

This is a list on my personal favourites and as such is probably different from your own list, so feel free to tell me how wrong I am in the comments below. So with that in mind sit back, relax and enjoy nearly six minutes of my inane waffle as I talk about the games that spoke to me in 2014.

New Horizons 2014 (Part 5 of 5)

Posted by Peter Nickless On Friday 17 January 2014Comments Off


There are many certainties in life, the most often cited being death and taxes. Almost as certain is the annual appearance of our New Horizons list. This massive preview special casts aside sequels and spin-offs in favour of the new and original games we expect to cover in the year ahead. Enjoy!

Ultima pioneer Richard Garriott is back with a game to shake up the point and click-click-click RPG genre. SHROUD OF THE AVATAR will offer story-focused gameplay across five episodes. It will also abandon questing, grinding and character classes, which have been mainstays of this type of game for what feels like forever. The game will encourage real-estate acquisition, trading and crafting to populate the world. Look for this one on PC in late 2014.

EVE Online is set to have some competition in STAR CITIZEN, a crowd-funded space trading/combat sim by Cloud Imperium Games and Chris Roberts (of Wing Commander fame). Expect a single-player story mode known as Squadron 42 and multiplayer modes involving a persistent universe and server customisation for trading and playing with friends. This graphically impressive game uses Cry Engine 3 and is set for a PC release in early 2015.

Insomniac Games continues to change tack after a long history of making PlayStation exclusives to release SUNSET OVERDRIVE for the Xbox One in 2014. The first trailer shows cartoony characters leaping through a city, flying along zip-lines and customising guns to fight off waves of enemy mutants. Insomniac needs to work hard to regain its cred after the disappointing FUSE. Maybe this new IP is just the ticket. Read the rest of this entry »