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Interview – Wildebits on Bits & Bites

Posted by Stephen del Prado On Sunday 11 January 2015Comments Off

Wildebits Interview Header

It’s no secret that one of the highlights of PAX AUS 2014 was the sheer amount of local talent on display thanks to the many participants in the Indie Pavilion. However, it’s easy to forget that of the entire Australian development community, only a portion of it was represented at this event. I’m going to take this opportunity to regale readers with the story of how I bumped into two such individuals from the Aussie dev community who hope that it will be their turn to showcase the things they’ve been working on at a future PAX AUS.

After showing up way too early to wait for the ‘How Halfbrick Makes Games’ presentation, I resigned myself to sitting on the floor outside the theatre and checking how many StreetPass hits I’d managed to score on my 3DS, a fairly high number considering how few I usually get in the suburbs of Brisbane where I live. While I was busy collecting Puzzle Pieces, two gentlemen who had also shown up far too early sat next to me, tablets in hand and deep in conversation. They seemed to be discussing a game they were both playing on their tablets, not an uncommon sight at PAX to be sure. In keeping with the stereotype of the socially awkward nerd, I took my time to engage them in conversation, although I kept stealing glances at their tablets and ‘dropping eaves’ on their discussion about how they could improve whatever it was they were playing.

Eventually, a conversation got underway and it was revealed that Doug (Hand) and George (Zafir) were in fact a development duo, working hard on Bits & Bites, the flagship title for their studio, Wildebits. Bits & Bites is a horizontal endless runner starring ‘wildebits’, pixel art wildebeests who also happen to be the mascot for Wildebits studio. The object of the game is to travel as far through the desert as possible and avoid rocks and cacti whilst protecting your herd from flank attacks in the four available lanes. This is done by literally firing wildebeest poop at enemies as they approach from the rear. Read the rest of this entry »

PAX AUS Post-mortem – Developer Roundtable

Posted by Stephen del Prado On Monday 24 November 2014Comments Off

PAX AUS Roundtable Header

Following on from a series of interviews Black Panel writers conducted with the PAX Australian Indie Showcase participants, I was interested in hearing about their experiences during the expo. The responses I received to my questions served to highlight what a fantastic experience PAX AUS 2014 was and the increasing strength and vibrancy of the indie development scene down under. Read the rest of this entry »

Interview: BioWare on Dragon Age: Inquisition

Posted by Erin Marcon On Tuesday 11 November 2014Comments Off

Dragon Age Inquisition Interview Header

Despite its adherence to some well-worn fantasy tropes, the original Dragon Age impressed with intriguing characters and cracking dialogue when it launched in November 2009. While Dragon Age II bobbed up only 14 months later, the third instalment has enjoyed a much more generous development cycle. When it arrives in stores later this month, more than three years will have elapsed since the release of its predecessor. The extra time afforded Dragon Age: Inquisition probably reflects just how much is riding on the success of this game, especially following the mixed response endured by Dragon Age II.

I recently returned to the fantasy world of Thedas to hack and slash my way through the first two hours of Inquisition in a preview session. I then had the chance to chat with BioWare’s Mike Laidlaw about expanding the scope of the series, catering to different play styles, exploring new gameplay possibilities and more. The creative director on Dragon Age: Inquisition was in Melbourne to promote the game, having battled his way through customs just days earlier (more on that later). Read the rest of this entry »

PAX AUS Interview – Witch Beam on Assault Android Cactus

Posted by Peter Nickless On Sunday 2 November 2014Comments Off

Assault Android Cactus is the first project from the three-man Brisbane team Witch Beam. Styling itself as a twin stick shooter with a difference, Assault Android Cactus has already won accolades from Steam Early Access players and at consumer shows including PAX East.

We were lucky enough to catch up with Sanatana Mishra, ‘Design Guy’ for Assault Android Cactus, in the lead up to this weekend’s PAX AUS, were he is promoting the game in the Australian Indie Showcase area. We asked him about the studio’s passion for making games and for sharing the process by way of Witch Beam’s awesome devblogRead the rest of this entry »