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Epiphany working on episodic conspiracy saga

Posted by Joel Guttenberg On Wednesday 30 July 2014ADD COMMENTS

Are they dancing or fighting? Perhaps neither? Perhaps both?

Once in a while, the Black Panel will take a risk. A risk so outlandish that it could spell our very end just for printing the words that are about to follow.

Our informants at Sydney based Epiphany Games know something. Something about various conspiracies that have occurred in the past few decades. The first of these revelations are presented in the debut season of its RPG series Majestic Nights, “an episodic role-playing-thriller set in an alternate 1980s where all conspiracy theories, past and present, are True.”

If you choose to read more, the Black Panel suggests that you dim the lights, shade the screen of your tablet or smart phone, and keep your wits about you. Morgan Lean, CEO of Epiphany Games admits that “People walk around knowing all the facts about conspiracies like the Moon Landing, but don’t yet see the Truth.” He believes that it is Epiphany’s dangerous responsibility to enlighten people via entertainment.

Players, nay… truth-seekers, will need to use “wits, stealth and sometimes even a little force to investigate, explore, and acquire ever more clues for their big string-covered wall of conspiracies.”

Season One of Majestic Nights is split into six chapters, which can be played as individual experiences or as a complete story. To entice new players, the first chapter will be free.

It’s probably a good time to reshape your tin foil hat, and get in touch with your inner Mulder or Scully in preparation of a late 2014 release on PC, Mac, iOS and Android.

Interview – Flat Earth Games on TownCraft

Posted by Erin Marcon On Sunday 18 May 2014ADD COMMENTS

For anyone interested in the local development scene, the success of TownCraft was among the genuine good news stories of 2013. The iPad original received encouraging notices and established a loyal following. With the medieval life sim now available on a pair of new platforms, we thought it would be a good opportunity to catch up with the Sydney-based creators of the title, Flat Earth Games.

Studio founders (and brothers) Leigh and Rohan Harris were kind enough to open up about the gradual evolution of the game, second thoughts on art design, plans for additional content and the importance of sharing their success with everyone who worked on the project. They even drop a hint or two about their next (as yet unannounced) release. Also up for discussion? The Federal Government’s decision to axe the Screen Australia Game Fund. Read the rest of this entry »

Titanfall figurehead forms mobile team

Posted by Erin Marcon On Thursday 1 May 2014ADD COMMENTS

Well, at least the logo looks nice.

With his long awaited blockbuster Titanfall finally out in the wild – and well received at that – you’d forgive Vince Zampella for taking it easy for a while. Strangely enough, though, this doesn’t seem to be a part of his plan.

As reported by VentureBeat, the Respawn Entertainment co-founder has instead unveiled a brand new enterprise. Zampella is teaming with former slot machine vampire guru Larry Pacey to form a mobile-focused development house known as Nuclear Division.

Pacey seems confident that the studio’s output will appeal to a broad audience, including players currently devoted to more traditional gaming devices. “So far, mobile gameplay hasn’t been for the core gamer. As devices get more powerful, it’s possible to bring core content to this platform.”

Notwithstanding his new responsibilities with Nuclear Division, Zampella will continue in his role at Respawn Entertainment. Both studios are located in Los Angeles.

Nuclear Division is yet to announce its debut offering.

Candy for everybody!

Posted by Karen Jacobson On Wednesday 26 February 2014ADD COMMENTS

Warning: disturbing imagery. Wait… too late!

In the most ridiculous trademark case since Walmart tried (and surprisingly failed) to trademark the smiley face, King, the developer of the world’s most annoying Facebook request, Candy Crush, has been attempting a similar nonsensical move.

The addictive puzzler has been hugely successful across casual platforms from iOS to Android to Facebook. Keen to prevent any opportunistic developers from piggy backing on their success, King made an application to trademark the word ‘candy’ when referring to games and merchandise.

As reported by Kotaku, King has since experienced a moment of clarity (and indeed sanity) and withdrawn its application. No doubt the organisers of the recently held Candy Jam are breathing a sigh of relief. Taking the King application very seriously, the goal of Candy Jam was to create as many games with the words ‘candy’ and ‘saga’ in them as possible.

Now logic has prevailed we can look forward to a flood of Candy named and themed games.