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Total War rages on with Attila in tow

Posted by Erin Marcon On Monday 29 September 2014ADD COMMENTS

A year after the release of Total War: Rome II, SEGA and Creative Assembly have revealed plans to continue their long running series of real time strategy epics. The latest instalment will be known as Total War: Attila. According to the initial publicity material, players will control the Roman Empire at a “time of apocalyptic turmoil at the very dawn of the Dark Ages.”

As the title of the game makes abundantly clear, the formidable Hun Empire will also play a major role in proceedings. At this stage, though, it isn’t clear if players will have the chance to control the forces of the legendary Attila during the campaign or if he will serve merely in the role of antagonist. Attila is only the second historical figure after Napoleon to feature in the title of a core Total War game.

Creative Assembly is promising “improved core gameplay” as well as “breathtaking scale” and “improved graphical performance” when Total War: Attila arrives on PC in 2015.

Triad Wars to expand the world of Sleeping Dogs

Posted by Stephen Foote On Tuesday 23 September 2014ADD COMMENTS

Canadian developer United Front Games has announced the projected 2015 release of Triad Wars, an online multiplayer action game that will follow on from its 2012 hit Sleeping Dogs.

Exclusively coming to PC, Triad Wars is described by Design Director Steve Ferreira as the “flip-side of Sleeping Dogs”, and will focus on the rise of players from Hong Kong gang enforcer to crime boss, stepping away from the undercover cop aspect of Sleeping Dogs’ protagonist Wei Shen.

Many of Triad Wars’ gameplay aspects will be familiar to players of Sleeping Dogs, with hand-to-hand combat, driving and racing all making a return. Expanding on the criminal angle, Triad Wars offers a myriad of illegal activities to engage in, including counterfeiting, extortion and smuggling. As an online only title, Triad Wars will also add aspects more conducive to online play such as the need to engage in turf wars with rival players to advance.

United Front Games is currently offering places in the closed beta for Triad Wars at the official site.

Sony sticks with SingStar

Posted by Erin Marcon On Friday 19 September 2014ADD COMMENTS

This doesn’t look ridiculous at all.

If you were up and about during the PS2 era, you’ll likely recall the sudden but ultimately fleeting ubiquity of the SingStar franchise. It was virtually impossible to attend a house party during this period without being wrangled into an extended session on the mic. Sony’s karaoke favourite quickly crossed over into the mainstream and spawned dozens of themed sequels. While it also bobbed up on the PS3, with a deluge of DLC in tow, the series eventually fell into relative obscurity.

Sony isn’t prepared to consign the series to the dustbin just yet, though, this week announcing that SingStar is on its way to the PS4. The latest edition of the service, which will also be made available in disc form as SingStar: Ultimate Party, will allow players to sing into their smart phones (via a free app) if a microphone isn’t available. Social sharing functions will again be at the forefront of the experience.

SingStar: Ultimate Party, which features No Scrubs by TLC and a bunch of songs that aren’t No Scrubs by TLC, is due for release on PS4 and PS3 in the last week of October.

Birth of a new Assassin’s Creed collection

Posted by Stephen Foote On Thursday 11 September 2014ADD COMMENTS

It’s the Just Dance / Assassin’s Creed crossover we’ve all been waiting for.

Publisher Ubisoft has announced the impending release of yet another Assassin’s Creed collection, following on from the Heritage and Legacy collections previously available. Lengthily titled Assassins Creed: Birth of a New World – The American Saga Collection, this particular compilation focuses on entries in the series set in and around the Americas and will feature Assassins Creed III, Assassins Creed Liberation HD and Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag.

Given the mixed critical reception received by the former two titles, which includes my own review of Liberation HD, as well as the perceived redemption of the series’ declining quality by Black Flag, the timing of this release might seem like an odd decision by Ubisoft were it not for the scheduled November release of Assassin’s Creed: Rogue, a game featuring cameos from characters in some of the aforementioned titles. Gamers who have thus far managed to escape the sprawling franchise will now have a chance to catch up on the colonial era story arc.

The American Saga Collection will be available from Thursday 2 October on PS3, 360 and PC, while Assassins Creed: Rogue will launch just over a month later on Thursday 13 November for the same platforms.