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Dōmo arigatō, Mr. Roboto

Posted by Joel Guttenberg On Sunday 14 December 2014ADD COMMENTS
Vox Machinae - Cockpit View

Hey! I think I can see my house from here!

If piloting giant walking robots across hostile alien planets, with only your A.I. for company, is your thing (and let’s face it, who hasn’t fantasized about this), then your circuits should be ablaze with anticipation for Vox Machinae.

The new game by developer Space Bullet Dynamics Corporation has been officially announced on their website, with a publicly available V.R. demo to be accessible soon. It’s another excuse to get that Oculus Rift you’ve put on your Christmas list.

Vox Machinae will have players piloting their very own mech, called a GDR or Grinder. These grinders come equipped with an A.I. companion (“Open the pod bay doors, please, HAL”) and an array of devastating weapons such as lasers, chainguns, missiles and mortars. Your Grinder will allow you to explore some desolate, yet beautiful landscapes, while braving scorching sun, blinding dust storms, acid rain and other Grinder pilots.

Space Bullet has placed a big emphasis on storytelling and emergent gameplay so that your experience varies each time you play. Characters in the game will re-act to your responses and actions and be shaped by your choices. Apparently you can even hurt their feelings!

If you’re intrigued, keep scanning your radar for updates.

Dodge Roll announce Enter the Gungeon

Posted by Joel Guttenberg On Sunday 7 December 2014Comments Off

What is a Gungeon, you ask? Well it’s a portmanteau of gunfight and dungeon, of course! Ask a silly question…

“Enter the Gungeon” was announced this week by Dave Crooks from developer studio, Dodge Roll, on the official Playstation Blog. The game will be a hectic potpourri of exploration, gun battles, and outlandish ammo (fish!? batwing bullets!!??). Gungeons will also feature crazy enemies, fiendish bosses and other elements that Dodge Roll love.

Players will choose from a selection of oddball adventurers, each with his or her own emotional baggage. They will then get to descend into a procedurally generated labyrinth that will challenge their mastery of a plethora of unusual firearms and abilities, such as the critically important dodge roll.

Plucky Gungeoneers will also need to use elements of the environment to survive, whether that involves upturning furniture for cover, flinging explosive barrels or combining the effects of gravity with chandeliers! The game is viewed from a top down perspective and is rendered in funky 8 bit style graphics.

If all this sounds like the kind of hijinks you’re hankering for, keep an eye out for Enter the Gungeon on PS4, PC and Mac in 2015.

Neon racer heading to PS4

Posted by Erin Marcon On Wednesday 3 December 2014Comments Off

Let’s get the most obvious thing out of the way upfront. The new racing game from indie developer Refract looks a bit like TRON. Given the frankly scandalous number of things that don’t look like TRON, the art style in Distance will likely comes as a relief to many.

The game has already been announced for PC, and indeed is scheduled to enter Steam Early Access next week, but Refract this week confirmed that its futuristic arcade racer will also be making its way to PS4 in 2015.

According to Refract’s Jordan Hemenway, Distance “takes the intense action of arcade racing and places it in an explorable, atmospheric world”. Cars will be able to “boost, jump, rotate, and even fly” as drivers attempt to stay ahead of the pack.

Story will apparently play an unusually prominent role. “Crafting a story within a racing game has been one of the most enjoyable parts of the development so far,” Hemenway said. “Without spoiling too much, we’re incredibly excited to have you discover the dark mysteries of this world.”

Multiplayer will also form a major part of the package and the developer is promising to deliver multiple modes.

Threes dev reveals Close Castles

Posted by Erin Marcon On Tuesday 2 December 2014Comments Off
Why can’t red and blue ever get along?

Why can’t red and blue ever get along?

The gaming zeitgeist seems to make room for one (or perhaps two) mobile titles at any given time. At the moment Crossy Road is that game, but earlier this year minimalist puzzler Threes reigned supreme. The success of that game meant that there was always going to be interest in the next offering from its co-creator Asher Vollmer. Announced this week on the official PlayStation Blog, Close Castles looks to be Vollmer’s most ambitious game to date.

A local multiplayer real time strategy game, Close Castles challenges you to fortify and enhance your palace while dispatching your subjects to dismantle your opponent’s base of operations. Describing most RTS games as “miserable pain engines” and “lonely exercises in sadomasochism”, Vollmer is aiming to “fix all that” by bringing players together for three minute clashes in which no information is concealed from either player.

Close Castles is coming to PS4 in 2015.