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Guacamelee devs cut loose with Severed

Posted by Erin Marcon On Wednesday 16 April 2014ADD COMMENTS

Lend me a hand?

The team responsible for diabolically challenging action platformer Guacameele is working on a new fantasy action project. While the developer’s previous releases have been more traditional in nature, Drink Box Studios is focusing its attention on the mobile arena this time around.

The new game will carry the rather grisly sounding title of Severed. We can only hope that the players will be doing most of the severing. Believe it or not, the hero of the piece will be expected to retrieve the disembodied limbs of fallen foes and attach them to his own body. That can’t be hygienic.

In a recent discussion with Destructoid, Lead Designer Greg Lesky described Severed as a blend of Mega Man (in terms of structure), Infinity Blade (swipe based combat) and Punch-Out (identifying each enemy’s ‘tells’). The action will take place in an open world and from the first person perspective.

Severed is due for release in 2015.

Sony wants your brains (and probably your money too)

Posted by Black Panel Staff On Sunday 13 April 2014ADD COMMENTS

“We can transform your silhouette from mild to menacing in just 10 days!”

Why should Day Z have all the fun, or for that matter, make all the money? These could very well be the questions that led to the creation and subsequent announcement of H1Z1. Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) this week announced its own entry in the booming (seriously, there is still no end in sight) zombie subgenre, and its latest offering is certain to draw comparisons with the industry’s favourite mod.

In an announcement post on Reddit, SOE president John Smedley described H1Z1 as “a massively multiplayer game in which players fight for survival in a world where death is the only sure thing.” In addition to fending off “the infected”, players will need to contend with “all kinds of wild animals and the brutality of other survivors, as well as finding your next meal and a safe place to sleep.” Becoming adept at the game’s crafting system will also be important to success.

A release date is yet to be announced.

Titanfall Review

Posted by Matthew Hewson On Sunday 23 March 2014ADD COMMENTS

Available on XBO and PC l Published by EA l Developed by Respawn Entertainment l Classified MA15+ l Supports 1-12 players

REVIEW IN BRIEF > This is without doubt the first ‘must have’ title for the new generation of systems. Titanfall barges its way on to the Xbox One and PC, leaving other multiplayer shooters in its wake. If you’re after some of the tightest, most well balanced and downright fun competitive gameplay in a long while, then stand by for Titanfall as this is the game for you. Solo players need not apply. Read the rest of this entry »

Paper Sorcerer Review

Posted by Stevie McDonald On Friday 21 March 2014ADD COMMENTS

Available on PC l Published by Ultra Runaway Games l Developed by Jesse Gallagher l Unclassified l Supports 1 player

REVIEW IN BRIEF > Paper Sorcerer looks simplistic but is actually a new coat of paint on an old genre. Weaving new ideas and witty words throughout a tapestry of classic RPG elements, it offers something for both newcomers and diehard fans. Beware, though, a lot of time and dedication is required to get the most out of your experience! Read the rest of this entry »