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Tribute unveils Curses ‘N Chaos

Posted by Erin Marcon On Tuesday 22 April 2014ADD COMMENTS

The Canadian retro specialists responsible for Wizorb and Mercenary Kings are hard at work on a new 2D action fest known as Curses ‘N Chaos. Tribute Games this week issued the first footage of its latest pixel art extravaganza, and if this early in-game glimpse is any guide, Curses ‘N Chaos will offer the same sense of familiarity that saw the studio’s previous offerings attract a cult following.

Curses ‘N Chaos appears to be set in a fairy tale world at constant risk of being overrun by all manner of ghoulish creatures. You’ll be tasked with facing down waves of ghosts, skeletons and wolves, as well as the occasional toad. Fortunately, you won’t have to fight this battle on you own, with co-op play shaping as a significant part of the appeal.

Look for Curses ‘N Chaos to make its way to PC and Vita, a platform pairing that seems to be becoming increasingly common in the world of indie development.

Ninty wants you to eat donuts and fall in love

Posted by Erin Marcon On Sunday 20 April 2014ADD COMMENTS

Nintendo may have churned out a dizzying array of new and original franchises during the 80s, but these days it is better known for relying on well established properties. It could even be argued that the Big N hasn’t launched a significant new brand since Wii Sports arrived alongside the Wii back in 2006. Naturally enough, Nintendo will be hoping to reverse the trend when it brings Tamodachi Life to the 3DS in June.

Already available in Japan, this slice of life simulator will be populated by the various Mii characters already living on your 3DS. According to Nintendo’s pre-release hype, you should expect to “Build a bustling fantasy population of friends, family and your favourite personalities from TV, movies and sports, as Mii characters come to life with their own voice and personality, all on one wild and hilarious island where there is something new to discover every time you check in.”

According to this early trailer for the game, it will also allow you to “eat donuts and fall in love”.

Atari and Human Head step in to save Minimum

Posted by Black Panel Staff On Friday 18 April 2014ADD COMMENTS

When Gearbox Software quite justly received an avalanche of criticism for the embarrassingly amateurish Aliens: Colonial Marines, another company, TimeGate Studios, also found its good name being dragged through the mud.

Shortly after completing its contract work on the much-maligned shooter, the company laid off 25 employees (as reported by Bit-Tech).  TimeGate then announced an intriguing new shooter called Minimum.

For the cynically minded, it felt like the kind of announcement that generally bobs up just before a studio goes out of business. Sure enough, it was only another month before Polygon  reported that TimeGate had filed for bankruptcy protection. The story doesn’t end there, though, as Minimum is apparently still a going concern.

As reported by Polygon, the property is being revived and shepherded to market by Atari and Human Head Studios. Look for Minimum to begin its campaign via the Steam Early Access program.

This must qualify as a genuine ‘good news story’ for anyone who has been hoping against hope that the game would ever come out.

Guacamelee devs cut loose with Severed

Posted by Erin Marcon On Wednesday 16 April 2014ADD COMMENTS

Lend me a hand?

The team responsible for diabolically challenging action platformer Guacamelee is working on a new fantasy action project. While the developer’s previous releases have been more traditional in nature, Drink Box Studios is focusing its attention on the mobile arena this time around.

The new game will carry the rather grisly sounding title of Severed. We can only hope that the players will be doing most of the severing. Believe it or not, the hero of the piece will be expected to retrieve the disembodied limbs of fallen foes and attach them to his own body. That can’t be hygienic.

In a recent discussion with Destructoid, Lead Designer Greg Lesky described Severed as a blend of Mega Man (in terms of structure), Infinity Blade (swipe based combat) and Punch-Out (identifying each enemy’s ‘tells’). The action will take place in an open world and from the first person perspective.

Severed is due for release in 2015.