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Can’t deny the Hatred

Posted by Peter Nickless On Friday 19 December 2014ADD COMMENTS

Hatred has been riding a wave of pre-release criticism due its depiction of a misanthropic anti-hero gunning down a stream of civilians just because he can. Polish Game studio, Descructive Creations, has also released comments cannily protesting outrage at peoples’ reactions to fan the flames of their pre-release hype and publicity.

This week, after being posted briefly on Steam Greenlight, Valve had announced that Hatred would no longer be available on that service only to have Gabe Newell reverse it stating that ‘it wasn’t a good decision’. Was this actually censorship or a just mater of taste? And did it really matter anyway?

This issue has been front and center in gaming with Target recently announcing the removal of GTA V from its shelves after a petition over its portrayal of violence against women. Australia was also very slow in bringing an R-rating to games, which had resulted in mainstream titles like Left 4 Dead 2 and Fallout 3 being either banned or released in an edited version.

At the end of the day, Hatred will be finished, released and played in some format. In fact, by writing and talking about it we are helping to promote and encourage people to play it. Whether you do or not is up to do.

The best thing about all of this is it gives us another opportunity to talk about gaming today with somebody.

So what do you think?

Online Heists are coming to Los Santos

Posted by Matthew Hewson On Thursday 18 December 2014ADD COMMENTS

After what has seemed like an eternity of promises GTA Online is one step closer to finally getting the much hyped heists feature. Initially promised at launch over 12 months ago, Online Heists have been almost like a holy grail for Rockstar’s impressive online world. The heists in the single player mode were exceptional so the thought of being able to plan and execute a flawless robbery with a group of friends had people salivating.

While there has been no concrete release date, there has been a spiffy new trailer that shows off some of what players can expect. Complex planning, vehicle combat, inside recon, aerial escapes and of course robbing a bank vault were all on display. If this trailer is even close to the final product it looks like the long wait will have been worth it.

The heists component will be a free download for all GTA players regardless of system and will feature on the PC version when that is finally released in the New Year. Now all we need is a release date….. Rockstar, is there anything you would like to share with us?

Meet Ciri

Posted by Matthew Hewson On Tuesday 16 December 2014ADD COMMENTS
I wonder if Ciri gets her directions from Siri...

I wonder if Ciri gets her directions from Siri…

While female assassins are apparently too hard to program, it would appear that female Witchers are not. After teasing a female playable character for The Witcher 3 some months ago, CD Projekt have finally unveiled Ciri, a Witcher with Elven lineage and the ability to both heal and destroy the world she inhabits.

In an interview with Gamespot CD Projekt went on to say: “Adding Ciri as a playable character unlocks quite a few narrative possibilities for the team, though while Ciri is a major character, she is not a playable character in the same way as Geralt. The game is still about him, his story, and how you, as the player, choose to face the choices and encounters in front of you.”

Ciri is described as being an exceptional swordfighter and she will have access to a range of unique abilities that can be unlocked and upgraded throughout the game. She certainly appears to be a match for the Witcher’s famous protagonist Geralt. Whether or not Ciri had anything to do with the delay of The Witcher 3’s release is unclear but her addition is certain to add another level of anticipation to a game which for many (myself included) can’t come soon enough.

The Witcher 3 is currently scheduled for release on Xbox One, PS4 and PC in May 2015.

Mojang’s Scrolls Officially Released

Posted by Joel Guttenberg On Monday 15 December 2014ADD COMMENTS

It was a few years ago now that we saw a teaser for Mojang’s new property, Scrolls. Actually it was over four years ago. Well, fast forward to a few days before now, and Mojang has officially released Scrolls for PC, Mac and Android tablets.

Scrolls is a strategy and deck building game that plays out on a small playing field with hexagonal tiles. Players need to master the cards in their deck, manage their resources and make strategic decisions on whether to gather more resources (read power) or add more scrolls (cards) to their hand from their deck. Cards that are played become cute cartoonish creatures and characters on the field. Your forces then charge across the field in a straight line to attempt to destroy your opponents idols and win the match. They may kill or be killed by any (cute) enemies in the way.

The game is available for download now .You could even grab it to have a look, just like I did earlier. I tried the tutorial and was slaughtered by the AI opponent on easy level. The A.I. opponent even taunted me in the chat window! Clearly I have some way to go to be competitive.

The game also features online chat rooms and leaderboards to support a community around Scrolls. If Mojang’s past success is anything to go by, this could be big. So if you fancy yourself the thinking gamer’s gamer, sharpen your wit, put on your thinking cap and prepare to deal.