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New 3DS Fire Emblem announced

Posted by Stephen del Prado On Friday 16 January 2015Comments Off

Nintendo and Fire Emblem Awakening developer Intelligent Systems have revealed during the most recent Nintendo Direct that a new Fire Emblem title will be coming to the 3DS.

While the teaser trailer does not give any clues as to the nature of the story, it’s apparent that this new entry will sport graphical improvements such as a higher level of background detail during battles and character models being equipped with feet, something they sorely lacked in Awakening.

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata hinted that the scale of this entry in the series would be greater than those before stating, “You will make even bigger choices and the effect of these choices on the world will be greater than ever.”

There is currently no scheduled release window or official title for this turn based strategy sequel, nor is any information regarding enhancement through the New 3DS or Amiibo support available at this time.

Puzzle and Dragons and Mario and Peach and…

Posted by Black Panel Staff On Thursday 8 January 2015Comments Off

Mobile phenomenon Puzzle and Dragons is on its way to the 3DS. A hybrid of match three puzzling and fantasy roleplaying, the game is among Japan’s most popular casual titles. An English language version finally made its way to iOS and Android devices in December 2014, but 3DS owners will soon have access to a little something extra. As reported by Polygon, and confirmed by the North American Puzzle and Dragons Twitter feed, a Super Mario Edition of the game is in the works.

Nintendo will be collaborating with Puzzle and Dragon creator GungHo Online Entertainment to produce a full retail version of the hitherto free-to-play experience. The short teaser for the game showcases plenty of Mario franchise favourites, with Bowser, Yoshi and Princess Peach all getting some air time. In what can only be described as an unspeakable oversight, Wario and Waluigi are yet to make an appearance.

Puzzle and Dragons: Super Mario Edition is expected to arrive in Japan in April. An Australian release is yet to be announced.

Australia nabs revised 3DS in November

Posted by Black Panel Staff On Sunday 28 September 2014Comments Off

Coming soon to a store near you.

When Nintendo revealed that it would launch two new revisions of its 3DS hardware in Japan this October, western audiences more or less assumed that they’d have to wait until 2015 to get their hands on it. It therefore comes as something of a surprise that the New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL will launch in Australia and New Zealand on Friday 21 November 2014.

In the first ever locally produced Nintendo Direct video message, Nintendo Australia Managing Director Tom Enoki reveals that this “will be the first launch outside of Japan, as we are not going to release the system in America and Europe this year.” This surely represents quite a coup for the local arm of Nintendo, and a happy bonus for the company’s local fans.

Nintendo also revealed the local pricing for the latest editions of its popular handheld. The standard sized New Nintendo 3DS will retail for $219.95, while the XL model will be priced at $249.95.

Trapping the Skylanders cash cow

Posted by Matthew Hewson On Thursday 24 April 2014Comments Off

In news that is not likely to shock anyone, Activision has announced a new entry in the Skylanders series. Titled Skylanders: Trap Team, this new edition of everyone’s favourite toy/video game combination seems to have a few new tricks up its sleeve. A Pokémon style element has been introduced to the series with the ability to capture bad guys using special trap toys. Once captured, the enemies can be used in game as playable characters. The trap toys themselves seem to be a pretty cool bit of tech with the captured enemies making noises within the toy. It is sure to scare the cat when an inanimate plastic lump starts yelling at it to “let it out.” Kids are sure to dig it though.

The game will require another new portal (making three portals from four games) and of course a bunch of new toys to fully explore the game, but if the series continues last year’s trend of improvement, it will quite possibly be worth it in the end. While these titles are pretty exploitative in how they try to suck money out of parents, they are usually backed up by solid gameplay so hopefully this entry is no exception.

The young and young at heart can get their hands on Skylanders: Trap Team on just about any console you care to mention later in the year. It looks like Santa will have another sack full of Skylanders this Christmas.