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Next gen GTAV dated

Posted by Peter Nickless On Wednesday 17 September 2014ADD COMMENTS

The last gen version of Grand Theft Auto V set sales records and divided reviewers with a technically impressive but ultimately emotionally shallow experience. Come November, current gen gamers will get the chance to embrace its nihilistic characters as they rampage across Los Santos and Blaine County to earn that all important cash.

Touting more than just a technical upgrade, Rockstar Games is promising more weapons, vehicles and traffic, as well as 100 additional songs.  As expected, the higher specs allow for better draw distances and higher resolution graphics making the world of Los Santos seem busier and even more alive. Multiplayer has also been given a sizable boost and will now see up to 30 players in online sessions.

GTAV is set for release on XBO and PS4 on Tuesday 18 November 18, with a PC edition coming later in January 2015.  Pre-orders for these versions come with a bonus $1m of in game cash.  Dollar, dollar bill y’all.

Dying Light dawns early

Posted by Matthew Hewson On Monday 15 September 2014ADD COMMENTS

The Strictly Ballroom reboot alienated long time fans.

With a release date that seems to hop around more than a one legged zombie, Dying Light has finally settled on when it will be unleashed on the world. Wednesday 28 January 2015 is the day when the undead will swarm upon the gaming public. This change in date is actually a move forward as the game had previously been delayed until February. It is nice to see a release date move in the forward direction for a change.

Dying Light, for those that don’t know, is a new open world zombie game from Techland, the developers that brought us the decidedly average Dead Island games and the super excellent Call of Juarez: Gunslinger. It appears to be an amalgamation of their previous zombie game and Mirror’s Edge with the key feature being a free running/parkour movement system.  The game also incorporates an interesting day/night cycle with the player going from the hunter during the day to the hunted in the night hours.

Hopefully Techland has taken on the feedback they received after their last undead adventure and have created the game that Dead Island always had the potential to be. If so then it could be onto a genuine winner.

Resident Evil goes episodic

Posted by Black Panel Staff On Friday 12 September 2014ADD COMMENTS

Capcom is poised to roll the dice on an episodic release schedule for the recently announced Resident Evil: Revelations 2. The new survival horror campaign will be broken up into four segments to be issued on a weekly basis. Players will be able to purchase each episode as it comes out or opt for a season pass at a slight discount. Once the story has been wrapped up, the whole kit and caboodle will be offered on a retail disc, which will apparently include additional content. The announcement coincides with the release of a new trailer for the game.

Will a headline act like Resident Evil revive interest in episodic gaming? Just a few short years ago, mainstream publishers were trialling the concept with some of their biggest brands. Valve famously released a pair of Half Life 2 episodes, while SEGA offered up two Sonic the Hedgehog 4 instalments. Since then, Telltale Games has kept the concept alive with a succession of licensed offerings, and there have been one or two examples in the indie world, but interest in episodic gaming has seemingly cooled in recent times.

Birth of a new Assassin’s Creed collection

Posted by Stephen Foote On Thursday 11 September 2014ADD COMMENTS

It’s the Just Dance / Assassin’s Creed crossover we’ve all been waiting for.

Publisher Ubisoft has announced the impending release of yet another Assassin’s Creed collection, following on from the Heritage and Legacy collections previously available. Lengthily titled Assassins Creed: Birth of a New World – The American Saga Collection, this particular compilation focuses on entries in the series set in and around the Americas and will feature Assassins Creed III, Assassins Creed Liberation HD and Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag.

Given the mixed critical reception received by the former two titles, which includes my own review of Liberation HD, as well as the perceived redemption of the series’ declining quality by Black Flag, the timing of this release might seem like an odd decision by Ubisoft were it not for the scheduled November release of Assassin’s Creed: Rogue, a game featuring cameos from characters in some of the aforementioned titles. Gamers who have thus far managed to escape the sprawling franchise will now have a chance to catch up on the colonial era story arc.

The American Saga Collection will be available from Thursday 2 October on PS3, 360 and PC, while Assassins Creed: Rogue will launch just over a month later on Thursday 13 November for the same platforms.