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Driveclub crashes on the starting grid

Posted by Matthew Hewson On Tuesday 14 October 2014ADD COMMENTS

Ideal conditions for driving.

In this week’s episode of “Which game totally stuffed its online launch?” we have Sony’s arcade racer Driveclub. In what seems to be almost the norm with new games Driveclub has hit some massive speed bumps during its launch window, which has resulted in no online connectivity and a lack of available features. It has even caused the delay of the free PlayStation Plus version, with developers unwilling to add a host of new players until the dents have been beaten out.

According to Kotaku, irate players have asked Sony for a refund but have yet to receive a response. It seems that this is just another in a long line of botched game launches. It seems to be that gamers are being forced to accept this as the norm as opposed to a rare occurrence and it is starting to leave a bad taste in many mouths. Here’s hoping that developers can come up with a way to properly test these online features prior to launch so we can all finally put these frustrating issues behind us.

Battlefield producer aiming to win back hearts and minds

Posted by Black Panel Staff On Thursday 9 October 2014ADD COMMENTS

Capture the donut?

A senior developer with EA subsidiary DICE LA has conceded that it has a lot of work to do to win back the trust of a once fanatical, now justifiably hesitant, Battlefield fan base.

While the game was reasonably well received by critics, the online component of Battlefield 4 was plagued by technical issues, issues that persisted for months and required numerous patches. At the height of the backlash against the game, EA was forced to pull resources away from future content in order to address ongoing performance issues with Battlefield 4.

In a conversation with GameSpot, Battlefield: Hardline producer David Sirland agreed that there are probably still “a lot of players who won’t trust us to deliver a stable launch or a stable game.” Sirland sees it as his job to “earn our trust back”.

According to Sirland, allowing fans to go hands on with earlier builds of Battlefield titles will ensure that these problems won’t be repeated, at least not to the same degree, with future releases.

Dispatches from EB Expo 2014 – Part 2

Posted by Matthew Hewson On Monday 6 October 2014ADD COMMENTS

Part 1 l Part 2

So as I went into the second day of the EB Expo in Sydney, there were a few other games I wanted to make sure I got a good look at. Luckily I had enough time to check everything out before my time at the show drew to a close. Read the rest of this entry »

Dispatches from EB Expo 2014 – Part 1

Posted by Matthew Hewson On Sunday 5 October 2014ADD COMMENTS

Part 1 l Part 2

Hey folks. This weekend I once again took the long trip up the Hume Highway to participate in the insanity that is EB Expo. It seemed like things were a little bit more subdued this year. A lot of the games on show were not far from release so there wasn’t the level of anticipation that previous shows have had. That being said there were still plenty of games to get my hands and eyes on and share my experiences with you all. Read the rest of this entry »