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E3 Originals: Guns Up!

Posted by Matthew Hewson On Sunday 15 June 2014ADD COMMENTS

School camp is the worst.

Sony has announced a new *cue Imperial March.mp3* free-to-play game called Guns Up. The game is something of a mix between a real time strategy and tower defence with a dash of humour thrown in for good measure. It is certainly giving off a Cannon Fodder vibe, which is sure to please the old people who still know what Cannon Fodder is (i.e. me).

It seems that the dreaded F2P curse hasn’t hit this game, with developers promising that it will be playable from beginning to end without spending a cent. Microtransactions will be for cosmetic and minor stat upgrades only, with nothing that could be even remotely considered pay-to-win. If this is the case, then perhaps players can look past the dirty word that is ‘F2P’ and embrace what Guns Up is offering because it looks like it could be a lot of fun.

Guns Up is coming to PS4, PS3 and Vita later in the year and will support cross save so your ballistic carnage can follow you wherever you go. For the price, this is a game that is at least worth the hit to your download limit to check it out.

E3 Originals: Entwined

Posted by Matthew Hewson On Sunday 15 June 2014ADD COMMENTS

In what has to be an E3 first (actually, don’t quote me on that) a game has been announced and then subsequently released on the same day. That game is Entwined for the PS4 (and later the PS3 and Vita). Entwined was developed by new outfit Pixelopus and it is available for $10 US right now.

The game looks to be a simple concept yet something that could quite easily be an engrossing adventure. Players control two creatures at the same time, a fish with the left stick and a bird with the right, as they zoom through various locales. At the end of each level players will get the chance to morph the two together and become a dragon, at which point the gameplay changes and gives the players more freedom to move about.

Entwined is really quite a hard game to describe, so to get the best idea of what to expect interested parties would be best to check out some of the stunning video footage of the game. It is certainly a feast for the eyes. Entwined really was a big surprise and it certainly looks like the type of game that could create those magic water cooler moments that the best indie titles (such as Journey and Brothers) seem to do.

Run, EarthNight, Run!

Posted by Peter Nickless On Tuesday 10 June 2014ADD COMMENTS

The running genre has seen breakout hits like Temple Run and Tiny Wings, where the vibe is definitely old school in approach.  These games are less about story or character and more about beating your previous high score in a short but sweet gaming session.

Cleaversoft’s new game, EarthNight, follows this mode and throws in some roguelike procedural generation as well. It tasks you with saving the planet from invading dragons by running their length, getting bonuses, avoiding or killing enemies and eventually reaching the head.  Once the dragon is dead, other dragons are accessed via a visually impressive skydiving session.

EarthNight brings high production values to the PS4 with its painted backgrounds and impressive music. The game only needs two controller buttons to play, but Cleaversoft is talking up the accuracy of its gaming mechanic and the depth you can discover as you play.

EarthNight will be a tester to see if mobile style games can be popular on a console.

Expect EarthNight to appear on the PS4 and PS Vita in 2015.

Tribute unveils Curses ‘N Chaos

Posted by Erin Marcon On Tuesday 22 April 2014ADD COMMENTS

The Canadian retro specialists responsible for Wizorb and Mercenary Kings are hard at work on a new 2D action fest known as Curses ‘N Chaos. Tribute Games this week issued the first footage of its latest pixel art extravaganza, and if this early in-game glimpse is any guide, Curses ‘N Chaos will offer the same sense of familiarity that saw the studio’s previous offerings attract a cult following.

Curses ‘N Chaos appears to be set in a fairy tale world at constant risk of being overrun by all manner of ghoulish creatures. You’ll be tasked with facing down waves of ghosts, skeletons and wolves, as well as the occasional toad. Fortunately, you won’t have to fight this battle on you own, with co-op play shaping as a significant part of the appeal.

Look for Curses ‘N Chaos to make its way to PC and Vita, a platform pairing that seems to be becoming increasingly common in the world of indie development.