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Resident Evil goes episodic

Posted by Black Panel Staff On Friday 12 September 2014ADD COMMENTS

Capcom is poised to roll the dice on an episodic release schedule for the recently announced Resident Evil: Revelations 2. The new survival horror campaign will be broken up into four segments to be issued on a weekly basis. Players will be able to purchase each episode as it comes out or opt for a season pass at a slight discount. Once the story has been wrapped up, the whole kit and caboodle will be offered on a retail disc, which will apparently include additional content. The announcement coincides with the release of a new trailer for the game.

Will a headline act like Resident Evil revive interest in episodic gaming? Just a few short years ago, mainstream publishers were trialling the concept with some of their biggest brands. Valve famously released a pair of Half Life 2 episodes, while SEGA offered up two Sonic the Hedgehog 4 instalments. Since then, Telltale Games has kept the concept alive with a succession of licensed offerings, and there have been one or two examples in the indie world, but interest in episodic gaming has seemingly cooled in recent times.

The Behemoth working on hex based strategy game

Posted by Erin Marcon On Sunday 7 September 2014ADD COMMENTS

The team responsible for Alien Hominid, Castle Crashers and the more recent BattleBlock Theatre has unveiled (though curiously enough declined to name) its latest project. Best known for its quirky character action games, The Behemoth has surprised its fans by announcing a turn based strategy title. For the moment at least, the project is known as Game 4.

Our first glimpse at gameplay has arrived in the form of a bizarre teaser trailer, complete with bonkers voiceover. While Game 4 maintains the offbeat art style of the developer’s previous releases, actions now appear to be carried out on a hexagonal field likely to appeal to old school strategy and RPG fans.

In terms of story, the game takes place on a world decimated by the impact of a giant six-legged bear and waves of highly acidic rain. Yes, a giant six-legged bear. It’s all explained (sort of) in this gameplay-free video primer.

Platforms and release dates are yet to be confirmed.

Explore the great outdoors with Firewatch

Posted by Joel Guttenberg On Friday 5 September 2014ADD COMMENTS

As someone who works in IT, doing a desk job, with my butt firmly planted on a seat for most of the day, I often think that it might be awesome to have an outdoorsy job, such as park ranger. I mean, how much stress could one have with all that space and fresh air?

Well, in Campo Santo’s new game, Firewatch, I could get to spend some time as Henry, a man who is working as a fire lookout in the Wyoming outback. The really cool PAX 2014 Reveal Trailer builds up the paranoia really quickly, as a conversation plays out between Henry and his supervisor Delilah.

According to Campo Santo, Delilah is Henry’s only contact with civilisation, and their relationship sounds a bit strained. As their awkward exchange continues, some beautiful visuals show Henry’s view as he explores the wilderness, and the pace and tension of the video increases.

Firewatch looks like a title that is worth keeping tabs on, and promises a strong narrative, tense atmosphere, and those lovely wilderness scenes. So, in this case, hopefully where’s smoke, there is fire! Looks for signs of Firewatch sometime in 2015.

Capcom revives Resident Evil subseries

Posted by Erin Marcon On Thursday 4 September 2014ADD COMMENTS

In a move that could reasonably be filed under ‘surprising developments’, Capcom has revealed that a sequel is in the works for Resident Evil: Revelations.

Originally released on the 3DS, this survival horror spinoff eventually made its way to 360, PS3, Wii U and PC in the form of an HD remake. In his review for The Black Panel, Stephen Foote described the HD remake as a “solid return to form for the venerable series” and “easily the best entry since the stellar Resident Evil 4.” Despite its quality, the game came and went without a great deal of fanfare.

The sequel, cleverly dubbed Resident Evil: Revelations 2, has been announced in the form of a live action teaser, ensuring that audiences remain pretty much in the dark for the time being.

While this subseries may have debuted on a Nintendo platform, the sequel will be skipping both the 3DS and Wii U on its way to current and previous gen consoles from Microsoft and Sony. PC gamers will also be able to get in on the act. Look for this one in early 2015.

Capcom is also working on another remake of the original Resident Evil.