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Dizzy creators take to the skies

Posted by Erin Marcon On Sunday 16 November 2014ADD COMMENTS

A year after forming new a studio known as Radiant Worlds, British development legends the Oliver Twins have announced their next project.

Revealed with a colourful cinematic trailer, SkySaga: Infinite Isles looks to be an online fantasy action game with strong crafting elements. Each player will take possession of an island in the clouds, mine or trade for materials, and take on other players in gladiatorial combat.

The developer describes the game as “an original, endlessly evolving, multi-player, online, voxel-based, ‘sandbox’ PC game.” The cube-based environments featured in the trailer will put many in mind of Mojang’s Minecraft, while the limbless heroes recall Ubisoft’s Rayman.

A free-to-play offering for the PC, SkySaga: Infinite Isles is due to go into technical alpha shortly.

The Oliver Twins, Philip and Andrew, are best known as the creators of the Dizzy series of platformers.

Blizzard reveals team shooter Overwatch

Posted by Erin Marcon On Sunday 9 November 2014Comments Off

It doesn’t get any bigger than this, or at the very least, any rarer. After relying on its Warcraft, StarCraft and Diablo settings for well over a decade, Blizzard Entertainment has finally announced plans to launch an entirely new property.

Unveiled at this weekend’s BlizzCon event in California, Overwatch is a class based (and fast paced) shooter in the vein of Team Fortress 2. The action in Overwatch will involve two teams of six.

According to Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime, the company’s first foray into the FPS market takes place in a “near-future universe” filled with “amped-up characters” engaging in “action-packed team-based gameplay.”

Each of the characters available for selection served as a member of a now disbanded peacekeeping force known as Overwatch. Following recent admissions from the company, there looks to be a slightly better mix in terms of race and gender this time around.

As reported by Polygon, Blizzard’s Chris Metzen has confirmed that some aspects of Overwatch have been drawn from the company’s recently cancelled Titan project.

Overwatch is scheduled to arrive on PC, in beta form, in 2015.

Space is rapidly filling up

Posted by Matthew Hewson On Tuesday 28 October 2014Comments Off

It seems that the once dead genre of space sims has had a breath of life pumped into it. Along with the stupidly successful crowd funding campaign associated with Star Citizen, gamers also have a new Elite game, Dreadnaught and No Mans Sky to look forward to. Well, now there is another game to add to that list. Rebel Galaxy has just been announced by Double Damage Games and it looks to add a capital spin on the traditional space combat sim.

Rebel Galaxy promises the ability to captain a massive ship where you will battle pirates, explore the universe and basically make your presence known. There will be a freedom to play the game how you would like with the ability to be a trader, pirate, privateer or a combination of all three. These features should help Rebel Galaxy stand apart from the rest of the pack and hopefully help it find its own niche.

The game is due for release on PC, PS4 and possibly Xbox One sometime in 2015. Now with all this renewed interest in space surely I can finally get a new X-Wing game and I can stop nagging on Twitter for it.

Won’t somebody think of the children?

Posted by Peter Nickless On Sunday 19 October 20141 COMMENT

Game development has a pretty steep learning curve these days, and although Texas based Dead Mage’s first game Garshasp: the Monster Slayer hit with a whimper, they bounced back, first with Shadow Blade for iOS and now with the announcement of Children of Morta.

Described by the developer as a “rogue-like hack and slash game”, Children of Morta sees you play as characters in a family seeking to heal the corruption spewing forth from Mount Morta and kill the monsters that are threatening their home.

Dead Mage promises to incorporate an intriguing narrative as you battle through environments and characters that look like they stepped out of a 90s VGA Sierra adventure game.

Dramatic music highlights the action previewed in the announcement trailer as characters fight and dance, mix spells and… dance some more.

Specific details about the nuances in combat and magic will hopefully be announced soon.

Children of Morta should see a 2015 release on PC.