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New Fatal Frame set to spook your Wii U

Posted by Erin Marcon On Friday 25 April 2014ADD COMMENTS

A delightful screenshot from the original game.

While the Fatal Frame series has attracted a cult following over the years, it was probably at pretty long odds of making a return. Hopefully, you took those odds, though, because that’s exactly what is happening. Known in some territories as Project Zero, the survival horror series is being revived by Nintendo and Tecmo Koei after more than five years in the gaming wilderness.

Unfortunately, the news isn’t all that flash if you happen to have invested in an Xbox One or PlayStation 4. Drawing on a Japanese language article in Famitsu, Polygon this week reported that a new Fatal Frame title is coming exclusively to the Wii U. The motion sensitive Wii U gamepad may be a good fit for the core gameplay of the series, which involves taking photographs of spooky goings-on.

With software releases on the Wii U having slowed to a trickle, this announcement has come at a great for owners of Nintendo’s latest home console.

A release date is yet to be announced for the new Fatal Frame and it isn’t yet clear if it will be making its way to Australia.

Trapping the Skylanders cash cow

Posted by Matthew Hewson On Thursday 24 April 2014ADD COMMENTS

In news that is not likely to shock anyone, Activision has announced a new entry in the Skylanders series. Titled Skylanders: Trap Team, this new edition of everyone’s favourite toy/video game combination seems to have a few new tricks up its sleeve. A Pokémon style element has been introduced to the series with the ability to capture bad guys using special trap toys. Once captured, the enemies can be used in game as playable characters. The trap toys themselves seem to be a pretty cool bit of tech with the captured enemies making noises within the toy. It is sure to scare the cat when an inanimate plastic lump starts yelling at it to “let it out.” Kids are sure to dig it though.

The game will require another new portal (making three portals from four games) and of course a bunch of new toys to fully explore the game, but if the series continues last year’s trend of improvement, it will quite possibly be worth it in the end. While these titles are pretty exploitative in how they try to suck money out of parents, they are usually backed up by solid gameplay so hopefully this entry is no exception.

The young and young at heart can get their hands on Skylanders: Trap Team on just about any console you care to mention later in the year. It looks like Santa will have another sack full of Skylanders this Christmas.

Aztez confirmed for a whole mess of platforms

Posted by Karen Jacobson On Thursday 20 March 2014ADD COMMENTS

When you pick up a combat game, do you ever think to yourself ‘what’s missing is an empire management strategy facet’? If so, look no further because Colorblind, formerly Flash Bang Studios, has announced just such a game in Aztez.

If you check out the teaser trailer (which is more like a gameplay trailer really), you’ll find a stylised black and white 2D side-scroller, with appropriate splashes (and splatters) of red.  You’ll jump, smash and bash your way through hordes of enemies and you will look good while doing it.

In a post on the official PlayStation Blog, combat designer Ben Ruiz desribes Aztez as “brutal, bloody, expressive, difficult, and replayable”. Ruiz likened the difficulty to Devil May Cry and the look and feel of the game to Bayonetta and Alien Vs Predator.

Looking to add a unique dimension, Colorblind incorporated a ‘Risk’ style empire management system, which according to Ruiz is what makes Aztez repayable.

Aztez has now been confirmed for XBO, PS4, WU and Vita in addition to the previously announced PC version.

We need another Luigi game, stat!

Posted by Karen Jacobson On Friday 20 December 2013ADD COMMENTS

For some reason, Nintendo is in the midst of a Luigi themed year. Yep, no longer standing in the shadows of big brother Mario, Luigi has been getting his fingers in a number of Nintendo pies, including Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon and Mario and Luigi: Dream Team. Not calling stumps just yet, Luigi’s adding a new coat of paint to much loved puzzle classic, Dr. Mario.

The NES original saw Mario (sorry, Doctor Mario) tasked with eliminating a virus by participating in a Tetris-like falling block puzzler. Luigi now assumes the role of doctor. There’s a few extras added with this update. There will be ‘L’ shaped pills for bigger combos and in competitive mode you can change strategy at the last minute as your opponent’s next pill changes colour.

If you have absolutely nothing else to do early in the new year, you’ll be able to download Dr. Luigi from the Wii U shop.