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Assassin’s Creed and Wii U go their separate ways

Posted by Erin Marcon On Sunday 24 August 2014ADD COMMENTS

Shay doesn’t look happy about it either.

Though some previous chapters of Assassin’s Creed have bobbed up on the Wii U, Ubisoft’s latest public utterances suggest that future instalments won’t be making an appearance. This is certainly of true both of current gen showcase Assassin’s Creed Unity and past gen offering Assassin’s Creed Rogue.

Why are Nintendo fans going to be missing out? “It’s very simple,” Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot told Game Informer. “What we see is that Nintendo customers don’t buy Assassin’s Creed. Last year, we sold in very small numbers.”

While a previously announced Watch Dogs port is still scheduled to make it’s way to Nintendo’s first high definition console, it sounds very much like Ubisoft regards the Wii U as a destination for more casual offerings. “What we see is that they are very interested in Just Dance, very interested by other kinds of games,” Guillemot said.

While the Wii U enjoyed a decent number of third party offerings during its launch window (Mass Effect 3, Batman: Arkham City and Ubisoft’s own ZombiU spring to mind), support appears to have dried up following the arrival of new consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

Mario Kart 8 Review

Posted by Black Panel Staff On Monday 23 June 2014ADD COMMENTS

Available on WU l Published and developed by Nintendo l Classified G l Supports 1-12 players

REVIEW IN BRIEF > As long as you’re not looking for meaningful innovation, Nintendo’s latest mascot racer provides a great multiplayer experience, both online and off. The overall package is undermined by a couple of key issues. The lack of dedicated Battle Mode arenas is very disappointing. Worse yet, the Wii U Gamepad simply isn’t a good fit for the game, so you’ll probably have to invest in a full complement of Wii U Pro Controllers in order to get the most out of Mario Kart 8. Read the rest of this entry »

E3 Originals: Splatoon

Posted by Matthew Hewson On Wednesday 11 June 2014ADD COMMENTS

In the “wonders never cease” section of E3 this year was the announcement of a brand new first party IP from Nintendo called Splatoon. Not only is it a new IP but it is a competitive online shooter, something that Nintendo isn’t exactly known for. But don’t panic because it isn’t your traditional shoot ‘em up blood fest. No, in Splatoon your only weapon is paint.

The gameplay looks like a cross between De Blob and Garden Warfare. There are two teams of four competing to paint the current level in their colours and try to cover as much as they can within a set time limit. The game is set from a third person perspective and players can run about much like any other shooter. The game will include special abilities such as transforming into a squid, laying traps and climbing walls to spice up the action.

With most people predicting the same old, same old from Nintendo this year it is nice to see them bring something that isn’t Mario or Zelda to the show. More new IP from Nintendo can only be a good thing and help to reverse their current home console struggles.

Splatoon is due for release in 2015.

New Fatal Frame set to spook your Wii U

Posted by Erin Marcon On Friday 25 April 2014ADD COMMENTS

A delightful screenshot from the original game.

While the Fatal Frame series has attracted a cult following over the years, it was probably at pretty long odds of making a return. Hopefully, you took those odds, though, because that’s exactly what is happening. Known in some territories as Project Zero, the survival horror series is being revived by Nintendo and Tecmo Koei after more than five years in the gaming wilderness.

Unfortunately, the news isn’t all that flash if you happen to have invested in an Xbox One or PlayStation 4. Drawing on a Japanese language article in Famitsu, Polygon this week reported that a new Fatal Frame title is coming exclusively to the Wii U. The motion sensitive Wii U gamepad may be a good fit for the core gameplay of the series, which involves taking photographs of spooky goings-on.

With software releases on the Wii U having slowed to a trickle, this announcement has come at a great for owners of Nintendo’s latest home console.

A release date is yet to be announced for the new Fatal Frame and it isn’t yet clear if it will be making its way to Australia.