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Available on XBO, PS4, 360 and PS3 l Published and developed by Blizzard Entertainment l Classified MA15+ l Supports 1-4 players

Way back in 2012 I had plenty of problems with Diablo III. It had a lot of issues that made it quite a chore even though the addictive gameplay was still there. Log in issues created by an always online game as well as a broken auction house and some inconsistent loot drops made Diablo III a game I couldn’t get behind. But to Blizzard’s credit, they have listened and since that initial disastrous release they have patched and patched and patched until Diablo III became the game is should have been at launch. Now that the game is up to snuff Blizzard have put together what may be the best version of their now excellent ARPG and brought it to the new consoles on the market with the Diablo III: Reaper of Souls – Ultimate Evil Edition. Read the rest of this entry »

Gamescom Roundup: EA

Posted by Matthew Hewson On Friday 15 August 2014ADD COMMENTS

Microsoft l Sony l EA l The Rest

ITEM! First up BioWare hit the show all guns, or should I say arrows, blazing with a substantial gameplay trailer for the upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition. This game looks to have all the hallmarks of BioWare’s best titles like super customisation of characters, in depth story and excellent tactical RPG combat. The only downside? Well they stated that a completionist’s playthrough clocks in at around 130 hours. Goodbye life. Read the rest of this entry »

Remaking the RE Remake

Posted by Matthew Hewson On Tuesday 12 August 2014ADD COMMENTS

Compare the pair (that’s the new version on the left).

After some abysmal efforts in recent Resident Evil games, Capcom is going back to where it all started… again. That’s right Capcom is bringing the original Resident Evil into modern times by giving the remake from 2002 an HD remake. Confused? Well the original RE game hit the PSone way back in 1996. Capcom recognised that many players missed it the first time round and re-released an upgraded version for the GameCube. Both the original and the remake are considered classics of the genre and sold very well so the developers are hoping that a new version of the game will have similar success.

Along with expected graphical updates the RE Remake will be getting a new control scheme, similar to what is found in the later games, notably number 4. So if the infamous tank controls had you throwing your controller in frustration you may be able to finally enjoy what is a pioneering horror experience. Of course if you are riding the nostalgia wave you can turn off the enhancements and new controls to enjoy the game as it was originally intended.

The question remains however, is this just a quick cash grab from Capcom or does it truly feel that fans are clamouring for another version of Resident Evil? Perhaps it would have been better off remaking RE 2 or 3, both considered better games and both lacking multiple re-releases. Only time will tell.

Resident Evil the HD Re Re make will be available to download from XBO, PS4, PC, 360 and PS3 in early 2015.

Last gen players still getting a piece of Assassin’s Creed action

Posted by Joel Guttenberg On Thursday 7 August 2014ADD COMMENTS

If you are a PS3 or 360 owner, you may have been feeling a bit left out of the upcoming Assassin’s Creed Unity goodness. Fear not though, for now you will be able to take your revenge, and you can do it inside a new Assassin’s Creed title for the PS3 and 360!

Ubisoft announced the new Assassin’s Creed game, subtitled Rogue, with the release of a new teaser trailer. AC Rogue’s hero is Templar Shay Patrick Cormac, and he’s out for payback against the brotherhood after they betrayed him. Seaborne shenanigans familiar to fans of the series will be available in this new title, and Cormac will have access to a new ship called the Morrigan.

Last gen system owners will also get to explore a range of terrains, including New York and the icy North Atlantic (shiver me timbers, indeed!), in the 18th century, in the midst of the Seven Years War.

The new game will receive a worldwide release on 11 November , at which point you can laugh at all those early adopters, who no doubt have their previous gen systems in mothballs, while you bask in software of the future running on hardware of the recent past!