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Fancy a rocket to the face?

Posted by Erin Marcon On Friday 19 August 2011ADD COMMENTS

A new multiplayer trailer for Anarchy Reigns, the forthcoming brawler from SEGA and Platinum Studios, has arrived with a bang (several actually). Though there is plenty of over the top action, there is also a decided lack of variety.

Only a couple of modes are showcased in the 90 second video (one being Deathmatch, the other a Horde variant). Further, the handful of environments shown are drab, static and unimaginative, particularly in comparison to those of the Power Stone series. The game does allow players to whip out a rocket launcher in the middle of a fight, so that has to count for something.

Anarchy Reigns is also notable for its cast. It features a variety of characters from Platinum’s 2009 Wii exclusive MadWorld, including chainsaw wielding protagonist Jack Cayman and his arch enemy Black Baron (now known as Blacker Baron) along with a range of entirely new combatants.

Anarchy Reigns is set to arrive on 360 and PS3 in January 2012.

nanoBITES 53

Posted by Black Panel Staff On Thursday 18 August 2011ADD COMMENTS

NanoBITES captures those small but important morsels of gaming information that otherwise might slip between the cracks.

ITEM! Just when you thought the PSP was about to go the way of the dodo, Sony has revealed that an entirely new model is the works. The PSP-E1000 loses Wi-Fi support but gains a lower price point. You can pick it up for $AU139.95 this November.

ITEM! The retail prices of the 160GB and 320GB PlayStation 3 models are being reduced to AU$349.95 and $AU449.95 respectively. You won’t have long to wait to take advantage of the new prices, with Sony announcing that they will apply from Monday 22 August.

ITEM! Escape Plan is a monochrome PSVita adventure starring a pair of ink filled freaks. According to developer Fun Bits Interactive, you’ll need to “swipe, squeeze, poke and slap” your heroes in order succeed. It all sounds rather distressing, doesn’t it?

ITEM! MMO mega publisher NCSoft is collaborating with Carbine Studios on a vibrant new project. With its colourful interstellar setting and wacky cast, WildStar may well be aimed at a younger market.

ITEM! Ubisoft has claimed that it will be supporting the PSVita with “new intellectual properties” but immediately undermined this pledge by announcing a raft of sequels, spin-offs and ports for the unit, including Assassin’s Creed, Rayman Origins and Lumines.

ITEM! Sony’s action packed Resistance franchise is to be the subject of a second handheld offering, this time from developer Nihilistic Software. An origin story of sorts, Resistance: Burning Skies takes place during the initial Chimera attack on American soil.

ITEM! When it was announced at last year’s Tokyo Game Show, many wondered how the mechs of Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor could possibly be guided exclusively with the Kinect. As it happens, they won’t. Capcom has revealed that the game will support a combination of traditional and gesture based controls.

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Publisher Namco Bandai has released another trailer for the latest project from developer Saber Interactive. Known as Inversion, the game is a third person shooter catering to those with a penchant for demolishing their surroundings.

The video appears to consist purely of in game footage as the two protagonists we were introduced to in previous offerings take to destroying their enemies, their environments, and everything in between. Although it is touched upon, the co-op aspect is not quite expanded on in the trailer, with only a few cut scenes featuring our two heroes.

Bombarded with more explosions then a Michael Bay film, we witness the potential of the destructive power they are able to wield. In fact, there is not one scene in which the environment survives intact. It would seem that the landscape is in perennial crumble-mode as enemy after enemy is dispatched by a combination of gravity manipulation and gunfire. Demolitionists are sure to be pleased by the sheer quantity of devastation on show which defies the laws of physics.

Inversion is now slated for release in February 2012 on PS3 and 360.

Hunted: The Demon’s Forge Review

Posted by Peter Nickless On Tuesday 16 August 20112 COMMENTS

Hunted tasks you with playing as one of a pair, Caddoc or E’lara, and gives you the options of brawling melee attacks (sword and shield) or cover and shooting attacks (bow or crossbow).  Caddoc works well up close and E’lara has access to better ballistic weapons than Caddoc, yet deals less damage in melee attacks. Read the rest of this entry »