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It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a… rock

Posted by Zorine Te On Thursday 12 May 2011No Comments

Despite its name, Rock of Ages is not a reference to the song or the musical, nor is it a music game. It’s a third person game which features players as large, round rocks with the means to roll over and flatten all who stand in their path.

The latest trailer showcases more of the ‘Ages’ portion of the game, with stages influenced by the Medieval, Ancient Greek and Renaissance periods as well as many others. Environments are as colourful and destroyable as ever.

It would also appear that players can do more than just roll the lumbering boulder, with footage showcasing an ability to jump, perform impossible turns and generally defy the laws of physics.

Aside from that, the trailer sheds little light on game features beyond what has already been seen, i.e. a controlled boulder smashing its way through obstacles and people alike with a good measure of humour thrown in.

ACE Team is bringing Rock of Ages to PC in winter 2011.

Explore, arrest and shoot!

Posted by Erin Marcon On Wednesday 11 May 20112 Comments

Zoo Entertainment has announced Wanted Corp, a top down shooter set in the aftermath of an interstellar prison break. As a tough as nails bounty hunter (complete with tiresome wisecracks), you’ll be blasting your way through four separate campaigns in an attempt to bring some of the galaxy’s most notorious criminals to justice.

The game will feature two playable characters. In a rather obvious nod to real life bounty hunter (and reality television star) Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman, one of them will be named Maddog. You’ll be able to switch between this heavy weapons expert and his psychic partner Zimoy at any time. Online and splitscreen co-op will also be available.

According to a somewhat poorly worded slogan in the trailer, you’ll have the opportunity to “explore, arrest and shoot” your foes. Yes, gunning down suspects after you have them in custody sounds a little extreme, but at least it’s in keeping with the policies of the Victoria Police.

Wanted Corp is scheduled to arrive on PC and PSN in winter 2011, with the latter boasting PlayStation Move compatibility.

Road Rage

Posted by Matthew Hewson On Tuesday 10 May 20112 Comments

As the days count down to id Software’s next release, they have given gamers another morsel of gameplay footage to feast their eyes on. Created using the sexy new id Tech 5 engine, Rage looks to take elements from recent post-apocalyptic shooters (most notably Fallout and Borderlands) and wrap them all in a very very pretty shell.

The trailer begins with a showcase of the heavily touted vehicular combat. In a fast and furious (get it?) beginning the viewer is treated to jumps, mini guns and rockets in what looks like a beat-up old F100 with a roll cage. From this speedy section the trailer moves into a large chunk of the shooter gameplay in which a few new tricks, such as a robot AI companion and some environmental interaction, are shown.

From what this trailer shows, Rage is going to be one good looking game. The question is will it be a great gameplay experience or just a tech demo for id’s new graphics engine? Only time will tell.

Rage is due for release on Friday 16 September on PC, 360 and PS3 and is being published by Bethesda Softworks.

Crysis 2 Review

Posted by Jenn Christodoulou On Tuesday 10 May 20115 Comments

If nothing else, Crysis 2 opens impressively. Unlike games that make you sit through a tiresome tutorial sequence, this one throws you straight into the chaos from the get go. There are aliens blowing the city apart, a lethal virus killing citizens left right and centre and on top of it all, a deadly case of mistaken identity. So what are you to do? Hell, you do what every protagonist does in an FPS title; you get your gun and start blowing stuff up! Read the rest of this entry »