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Torchlight Review

Posted by Joel Guttenberg On Tuesday 12 April 20112 Comments

Torchlight puts you in the shoes of one of three classes. The Destroyer is a melee focused adventurer akin to a barbarian, while the Vanquisher is ranger of sorts, preferring to lay traps or engage her enemies from a distance. Finally, the Alchemist wields magic to destroy his foes or summon minions to fight on his behalf. You also get to select one of three pets (a wolf, a lynx or a bipedal lizard called a Chakawary). While adventuring, your pet fights alongside you. It can be taught spells and fitted with accessories and can even run into town to sell your excess gear while you continue exploring. Read the rest of this entry »

de Blob 2 Review

Posted by Jenn Christodoulou On Monday 11 April 20114 Comments

For just a moment, take your eyes off your computer screen and settle them somewhere else. Look around you, and really see the colours you’re surrounded by. Now when you’re sure you’ve taken everything in, imagine all of these vibrant shades fading away. Drain your world of texture, hue and saturation. Rid it of colour and experience just how goddamn boring your surroundings suddenly become. Read the rest of this entry »

New Media 22

Posted by Black Panel Staff On Sunday 10 April 2011No Comments

Presented in glorious alphabetical order, New Media: Retail Roundup is your indispensible checklist of the home console and handheld titles arriving in stores this week. What will you be playing?

MICROSOFT XBOX 360 Carnival Games: In Action * Dynasty Warriors 7 * Fantastic Pets * Michael Jackson: The Experience

NINTENDO Wii SpongeBob Squigglepants * We Dare 3DS Pilotwings Resort DS Nothing

SONY PLAYSTATION 3 Michael Jackson: The Experience * PlayStation Move Heroes * Dynasty Warriors 7 * We Dare PSP The 3rd Birthday


New Media: Downloadable Digest is your handy reminder of the new downloadable titles released during the past week.

MICROSOFT XBLA The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile * Red Faction: Battlegrounds


SONY PSN Dungeon Hunter: Alliance * Red Faction: Battlegrounds PSP MINIS Karoshi


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The Black List 83

Posted by Erin Marcon On Saturday 9 April 2011No Comments

Welcome to The Black List, your one stop shop for all of the stories published on the site this week.

MONDAY l NEWS l Renegade Ops > SEGA has announced that it will publish the first downloadable title from Just Cause developer Avalanche Studios. A four player cooperative shooter, Renegade Ops will challenge you to bring down a powerful terrorist organisation headed by a man known only as Inferno. READ MORE

TUESDAY l NEWS l Anno 2070 > Though technologically sophisticated, the world of Anno 2070 is staring down the barrel of environmental disaster. While the Gillard Government hopes to have the Carbon Price legislation through parliament by the end of 2075, players may be forced to take matters into their own hands. At the heart of the game is the choice between carefully managing the environment and slashing and burning for maximum profit. READ MORE

WEDNESDAY l NEWS l Unpleasant Horse > Casual giant PopCap Games is preparing to explore its darker urges. After more than a decade of churning out squeaky clean fare such as Bejeweled, Bookworm and Peggle, the developer has unveiled Unpleasant Horse. At first glance, the game looks reasonably harmless, if not a little saccharine. Then you encounter the meat grinder. READ MORE

THURSDAY l NEWS l nanoBITES 36 > The recent change of government in Victoria may not have done the push for an R18+ rating any favours. As reported by The Age, newly appointed Attorney General Robert Clarke has called for further “scrutiny and public debate”. This is just one of the stories in this week’s edition of nanoBITES, our ongoing feature devoted to small but important news items. READ MORE

FRIDAY l REVIEW l Swarm > A strange blend of Lemmings and Super Meat Boy, Swarm is an addictive and macabre downloadable platformer. It has a strong sense of style and gameplay that feels almost completely unique. While it is let down to some extent by its high price, short length and game crashing bugs, Swarm will make a solid addition to any indie collection. Just try not to get too attached to your flock. READ MORE

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