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Road Rage

Posted by Matthew Hewson On Tuesday 10 May 20112 Comments

As the days count down to id Software’s next release, they have given gamers another morsel of gameplay footage to feast their eyes on. Created using the sexy new id Tech 5 engine, Rage looks to take elements from recent post-apocalyptic shooters (most notably Fallout and Borderlands) and wrap them all in a very very pretty shell.

The trailer begins with a showcase of the heavily touted vehicular combat. In a fast and furious (get it?) beginning the viewer is treated to jumps, mini guns and rockets in what looks like a beat-up old F100 with a roll cage. From this speedy section the trailer moves into a large chunk of the shooter gameplay in which a few new tricks, such as a robot AI companion and some environmental interaction, are shown.

From what this trailer shows, Rage is going to be one good looking game. The question is will it be a great gameplay experience or just a tech demo for id’s new graphics engine? Only time will tell.

Rage is due for release on Friday 16 September on PC, 360 and PS3 and is being published by Bethesda Softworks.

Crysis 2 Review

Posted by Jenn Christodoulou On Tuesday 10 May 20115 Comments

If nothing else, Crysis 2 opens impressively. Unlike games that make you sit through a tiresome tutorial sequence, this one throws you straight into the chaos from the get go. There are aliens blowing the city apart, a lethal virus killing citizens left right and centre and on top of it all, a deadly case of mistaken identity. So what are you to do? Hell, you do what every protagonist does in an FPS title; you get your gun and start blowing stuff up! Read the rest of this entry »

Revelations revealed

Posted by Erin Marcon On Monday 9 May 2011No Comments

“God I hate losing my keys.”

Ubisoft has announced Assassin’s Creed Revelations for a 2011 release. The previous instalment in the series, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, has only been on the shelves for six months, suggesting that one of the more interesting new IPs of 2007 has officially made the transition to annualised cash cow. Handheld spinoffs and Facebook games notwithstanding, Revelations will be the fourth title in the free-roaming action series.

Ezio Auditore da Firenze, protagonist in the preceding two instalments, will again take centre stage. Our hero will be travelling to Constantinople to investigate the growing influence of the Templars. He’ll doubtlessly do everything in his power to resolve matters peacefully, before reluctantly concluding that he needs to introduce a rather large number of people to the pointy end of his hidden blade. This will be the final stanza in what Ubisoft has termed the ‘Ezio Trilogy’.

Assassin’s Creed Revelations is due for release on 360, PS3 and PC in November.

New Media 26

Posted by Black Panel Staff On Sunday 8 May 2011No Comments

Presented in glorious alphabetical order, New Media: Retail Roundup is your indispensible checklist of the home console and handheld titles arriving in stores this week. What will you be playing?

MICROSOFT XBOX 360 Brink * MX vs ATV Alive

NINTENDO Wii ExerBeat * Karaoke Revolution – Glee: Volume 2 3DS Steel Diver DS Nothing

SONY PLAYSTATION 3 Brink * MX vs ATV Alive PSP Nothing


New Media: Downloadable Digest is your handy reminder of the new downloadable titles released during the past week.

MICROSOFT XBLA Bangai-O HD * Moon Diver * Outland

NINTENDO WiiWARE Where’s Wally? Fantastic Journey 3 DSiWARE Ikabago * Plants vs Zombies

SONY PSN Nothing (here’s why) PSP MINIS Nothing

VALVE STEAM Beep * Capsized * Dwarfs!? * Fortix 2 * Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword * Section 8: Prejudice * Universe Sandbox

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