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Infinity Ward vets Reload

Posted by Erin Marcon On Friday 18 July 2014No Comments

Triangles are so hot right now.

Two years after a group of Infinity Ward staffers broke away and formed Respawn Entertainment, another batch of Call of Duty developers have struck out on their own. Also home to a handful of former EA and THQ developers, Reload Studios this week announced itself to the gaming world.

While the Californian team is yet to reveal full details of its debut project, co-founder James Chung has indicated a strong interest in virtual reality based experiences. “When I first saw what the latest round of VR devices could do, I realised these were not just peripherals but brand new platforms that could transform the way we experience, interact with and create media,” he said.

Could Reload be working on a title for Oculus Rift or Project Morpheus? It’s too early to say, but we do know that the team is planning to produce an FPS with some sort of VR support. The new studio is aiming to bring its first title to market in 2015.

Ubisoft appoints Chief Parkour Officer (you read that right)

Posted by Erin Marcon On Thursday 17 July 2014No Comments

The deadly art of parkour.

Every so often a story comes along that risks transforming relatively straight laced gaming sites into something vaguely resembling The Onion. Ubisoft’s announcement this week that it has hired a ‘Chief Parkour Officer’ presents just such a danger. As reported by Joystiq, Ubisoft has secured the services of noted free running expert Michael ‘Frosti’ Zernow and it has immediately put him to work.

Zernow has previously participated in motion capture sessions to develop parkour sequences for the Assassin’s Creed series.  Now, he will “serve in a strategic advisory role, ensuring an ongoing commitment to the authenticity and accuracy of parkour beginning with the October 28 launch of Assassin’s Creed Unity”. Zernow will also oversee the Assassin’s Creed Experience, which appears to be a real life adventure playground for fans of the series. That sounds perfectly safe.

At this stage, it remains unclear where the Chief Parkour Officer sits in Ubisoft’s corporate structure. Hopefully right at the top.

Motiga living large with Gigantic

Posted by Karen Jacobson On Wednesday 16 July 2014No Comments

Motiga has announced its first title. Gigantic is a free-to-play online battle game within a fantasy setting. Motiga may be an indie operation, but the budget for Gigantic is certainly not small, as the studio raised $20 million dollars for the project. Motiga VP James Phinney, is the former lead designer for Blizzard Entertainment’s StarCraft and integral part of the team involved in Gigantic.

The studio has been working on what it describes as a “genre-bending online game” for the last two years. Coupled with the announcement is a trailer. Like all good announcement trailers, not much is revealed regarding gameplay, however we do get a glimpse of the lush fantasy environments, character designs and playful tone. One character we encounter is Tytoa, a sword-wielding hero whose shoulder is home to a purring white cat. This may be one of the guardians that will be key to the core gameplay of Gigantic. The aim is to protect your guardian and defeat your opponent’s guardian in order to win the game.

Gigantic is due for release on PC in 2015. However, for those who can’t wait until then, Motiga will be at PAX Prime in Seattle, providing fans with some hands on time with the game.

Tekken gets Unreal

Posted by Matthew Hewson On Tuesday 15 July 2014No Comments

In what seems to becoming standard, a leak has forced a game to be announced early. In this case it is the latest iteration in the long running Tekken franchise. Tekken 7 was officially announced at the weekend’s EVO fighting game tournament where producer Katsuhiro Harada was forced to unveil it ahead of schedule.

As reported by CVG, the original leak revealed that the game will be running on Unreal Engine 4 and that it will be released on last gen systems. There has been no further information from Bandai Namco, so the game could well be coming to current gen as well. The use of  Unreal Engine 4 is sure to make it the best looking entry in the series. Harada gave no indication of a release date so it is fair to say that it is probably quite some time away.

The official teaser doesn’t reveal much in the way of gameplay but it does touch on a bit of the story. Fans I am sure will understand what is going on but for the rest of us…. well it isn’t exactly clear. There is also an indication in the trailer that it may be the last instalment in the series, but this will surely be negotiable depending on how well it sells.

Tekken 7 is coming in the not so near future to an undisclosed console that you may or may not have.