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Last gen players still getting a piece of Assassin’s Creed action

Posted by Joel Guttenberg On Thursday 7 August 2014No Comments

If you are a PS3 or 360 owner, you may have been feeling a bit left out of the upcoming Assassin’s Creed Unity goodness. Fear not though, for now you will be able to take your revenge, and you can do it inside a new Assassin’s Creed title for the PS3 and 360!

Ubisoft announced the new Assassin’s Creed game, subtitled Rogue, with the release of a new teaser trailer. AC Rogue’s hero is Templar Shay Patrick Cormac, and he’s out for payback against the brotherhood after they betrayed him. Seaborne shenanigans familiar to fans of the series will be available in this new title, and Cormac will have access to a new ship called the Morrigan.

Last gen system owners will also get to explore a range of terrains, including New York and the icy North Atlantic (shiver me timbers, indeed!), in the 18th century, in the midst of the Seven Years War.

The new game will receive a worldwide release on 11 November , at which point you can laugh at all those early adopters, who no doubt have their previous gen systems in mothballs, while you bask in software of the future running on hardware of the recent past!

Heroes of the Storm Preview

Posted by Adam Rorke On Wednesday 6 August 2014No Comments

Coming to PC l Published and developed by Blizzard Entertainment l Classification TBA l Supports 1-10 players l Release date TBA

It’s a little known fact that the MOBA genre actually began with Blizzard. Not with the company itself though, but through a custom map for Warcraft III. Since then the scene has grown astronomically with League of Legends and DOTA 2 dominating the genre with millions of active players. Therefore it seems fitting that we go full circle and have Blizzard throw their hat in the ring with Heroes of the Storm (HOTS). Read the rest of this entry »

Get tactical with Deadnaut

Posted by Matthew Hewson On Tuesday 5 August 2014No Comments

You probably shouldn’t get too attached to these guys.

Just announced, Deadnaut is a new tactical exploration game from Australian developers Screwfly Studios. Screwfly are the talented duo behind the cult indie hit Zafehouse: Diaries and they’re taking what they have learned on that game and focusing it on Deadnaut. Gone are the zombies and in their place will be tactical battles against otherworldly opponents.

The game is procedurally generated so each battle is unique and will offer a fresh challenge on each separate attempt. Developer Logan Booker explained it in an article on Kotaku AU. “Each mystery is procedurally-generated from a series of hand-made, yet variable templates, the result being a crazy amount variety in who you fight, what you find and where you do it. So in two separate campaigns you could be sealing an accidental rift between realities, but the monsters you tackle could be flaming demons in the first and mutant zombie rats with 13 eyes in the second.”

The game indeed seems like it will play something like Jagged Alliance or even X-Com with a large amount of customisation options available and carefully planned tactical combat being the order of the day. If this sound like something that would tickle your fancy then there is some good news as Deadnaut is due for release in October and is coming to PC, Mac and Linux.

Never a dull moment at Facepunch

Posted by Erin Marcon On Monday 4 August 2014No Comments

The game formerly known as Riftlight.

The team responsible for one of the most popular emergent survival sims this side of Day Z has endured what can only be described as an eventful period in its development. Attempting to build on the ‘early access’ success of Rust, Facepunch Studios has announced two new games in recent days, and it’s fair to say that things haven’t gone entirely to plan.

The developer described the first game as an “arcade shooter” featuring “loot and other light-RPG stuff like character levels, abilities and talent trees.” While the game was initially dubbed Riftlight, Facepunch soon had to abandon this moniker due to its similarity to the Rift MMO from Trion Worlds, which features a free-to-play option known as Rift Lite. A single missive from the legal team at Trion Worlds was apparently enough to convince Facepunch to begin the search for a safer naming option.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the studio has also had to contend with fans adamant that it shouldn’t be working on a second game until Rust has exited ‘early access’ and been declared a full and final release. For its part, Facepunch has confirmed that it will continue work on Rust, while also beginning work on future projects. Studio founder Garry Newman (of Garry’s Mod fame) defended this approach. “Should every person in the company be working on the same thing? Should HBO make one TV show at a time? Should Warner Brothers make one movie at a time?”

It Facepunch was at all discouraged by this minor backlash, it certainly didn’t show any outward signs of it, announcing a second new game shortly thereafter. Deuce is an arcade sports title that studio has described, seemingly in all seriousness, as “tennis crossed with Street Fighter.”