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PAX AUS Interview – Cross-Product on Airscape

Posted by Matthew Hewson On Sunday 2 November 2014Comments Off

In the lead up to PAX AUS, the local indie scene is receiving some much deserved attention for their amazing products. Airscape: The Gall of Gravity is one such product. A platformer with a twist, Airscape is the brainchild of Australian Daniel West who has put together an international team of designers, artists and programmers to put this gravity bending game together.

So in honour of Airscape being selected for the PAX AUS Indie Showcase, I approached Daniel with a few questions regarding money, challenges and all things Airscape. Read the rest of this entry »

PAX AUS Interview – Blowfish on Gunscape

Posted by Joel Guttenberg On Saturday 1 November 2014Comments Off

If PAX 2013 was good for one reason (pro-tip: it was good for many reasons), it was for introducing local to a bunch of wonderful indie developed titles available for our enjoyment. This year promises to be no different with another batch of strong indie offerings.

Blowfish Studios has procured a spot in the limelight of the Australian Indie Showcase with its new title, Gunscape. Not satisfied with merely bringing gamers a new FPS, Blowfish will deliver an FPS creator with Gunscape. Ah, when art meets violence.

We are thankful that, “chief dude”, Ben Lee, was able to take time out of his busy schedule to tell us a little about Gunscape and Blowfish’s involvement in PAX this year. Read the rest of this entry »

PAX AUS Interview – Chris Johnson on Expand

Posted by Adam Rorke On Saturday 1 November 2014Comments Off

Recently the crew at the Black Panel had the opportunity to talk with Chris Johnson, creator/developer of Expand for PC and Mac. A single player game, Expand has the player traversing a circular maze with twists and reveals, all whilst trying to avoid being squashed. The game features a very unique art style, which really adds a lot to the overall experience. Read the rest of this entry »

PAX AUS Interview – Samurai Punk on Screencheat

Posted by Erin Marcon On Friday 31 October 2014Comments Off

As a quick stroll around the PAX AUS show floor will tell you, everyone is looking to uncover a concept or mechanic that will define the future of gaming. Meanwhile, one developer is delving into the past, not only in search of nostalgia, but also to find new ways to innovate.

Melbourne based indie team Samurai Punk is hoping to recreate the no holds barred bedlam of N64 era split screen deathmatches with Screencheat. This chaotic and colourful multiplayer game actually encourages players to spy on each other’s screens, which of course was considered something of a no-no in the days of GoldenEye 007. Read the rest of this entry »