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Cry On for What Might Have Been

Posted by Joel Guttenberg On Tuesday 30 December 2014Comments Off

As covered in Destructoid, Mistwalker game design studio founder, Hironobu Sakaguchi, has recently posted a long trailer for their cancelled game, Cry On. The Mistwalker crew had worked on the game with the now disbanded Cavia (known for work on franchises such as Ghost in the Shell and One Piece).

Sakaguchi has not explained why he has chosen to upload this trailer six years after work on the game ceased, but it’s worth taking a look. The footage shows a young girl fleeing from a dark seething mass, with only her animated golem companion for protection. Oh, and perhaps some magical abilities too.

Mistwalker have been keeping themselves busy with work on the iOS and Android title, Terra Battle. Perhaps if we’re lucky, we may just get to see what Cry On is all about.

Get That Omnipotent Feeling in January

Posted by Joel Guttenberg On Monday 29 December 2014Comments Off

Getting a little tired of the holidays? Have you ever thought that perhaps, if you were God, you might do things a little differently? Well, you just might get that chance when indie developer Squatting Penguins release their new God-like game called, The Mims Beginning”, on Steam Early Access on January 14th next year.

The Mims mixes a bunch of different elements (such as Sci Fi and fantasy) and play styles (such as RTS and adventure) into its gameplay, all rendered with some very cute graphics. In addition, the developers have given their little creatures emotional states.

A developer diary shows the depressed critters flinging themselves into a black hole. Players will be responsible for their Mims’ mental wellbeing and will need to work to ensure their Mims have a positive outlook on life. Now, I hadn’t really considered managing the smell of any of my worshippers, but this another important consideration for any wannabe Gods of the Mims.

Want more? Well, mysticism meets science as you will also need to consider physical properties such as gravity and friction when planning your Mims society. Throw in the potential for some naturally occurring disasters and you have quite a mix.

If you would like to flex your divine muscles and like some depth in your games, keep an all-seeing eye out for The Mims Beginning on Steam.

Cyanide’s Stealthy Styx Surprise

Posted by Joel Guttenberg On Sunday 28 December 2014Comments Off

As reported by PC Gamer, developer Cyanide Studios and publisher Focus Home Interactive have recently released Christmas themed teaser hinting at a sequel to their game, Styx: Master of Shadows. Near the end of the trailer, the following words appear, “Styx will be back in a new adventure, without his Santa hat… Stay tuned!”

We first met Styx as part of the goblin and orc duo in Of Orcs and Men. We didn’t follow his prequel exploits in Master of Shadows, but it was received somewhat better than Of Orcs and Men.

If you’re a Styx fan, you now have something to look forward to, when we find out a little more about Styx’s next adventure.

The Black List 276

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