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3D Realms finally responds to Gearbox allegations

Posted by Erin Marcon On Thursday 27 March 2014No Comments

Let’s settle this in the arena.

Last month, Gearbox Software filed suit against Interceptor Entertainment and 3D Realms, claiming that the two companies were creating a new Duke Nukem game despite having earlier relinquished the rights to the character to Gearbox.

Unlike the wheels of justice, which turn imperceptibly slowly, the court of public opinion can issue its verdict very swiftly indeed. That’s why it is so baffling that Interceptor Entertainment and its recently purchased subsidiary have taken so long to respond to allegations levelled by Gearbox.

This week, Interceptor and 3D Realms finally began to share their side of the story. In a statement to Polygon, 3D Realms CEO Mike Nielson revealed that his company had filed a formal response with the court denying “all allegations” and asserting that Gearbox forced the franchise’s former owners to “improperly surrender” the rights. According to Nielson, Duke Nukem remains the “sole property” of 3D Realms.

Parent company Interceptor issued a statement of its own. “3D Realms and Interceptor Entertainment were rightfully developing our game and as you can imagine we were quite shocked when the accusations by Gearbox arose, as we have always acted within our legal rights. It’s unfortunate that Gearbox has shown no intention of finding a peaceful solution with us. We will however continue to work towards a solution.”

Facebook “likes” Oculus

Posted by Matthew Hewson On Wednesday 26 March 2014No Comments

He just didn’t see it coming.

Apparently Mark Zuckerberg’s lifelong ambition is to swim in a big vault of money just like his hero Scrooge McDuck. He soon realised after his second concussion as a result of a 3m swan dive into a pile of loose change that money is perhaps not the best material to be swimming in. This led him to a quandary. How was he going to achieve his goal? After much deliberation with Justin Timberlake and that guy from Zombieland, he came up with a solution, Virtual Reality. So he opened his oversized wallet and went shopping.

In case you have been avoiding the internet today or living under a rock somewhere west of Alice Springs (though if that is the case I am not sure how you will read this) the big business news is that Facebook has purchased virtual reality flag bearer Oculus VR for the tidy sum of 2 billion Farmville credits, sorry US dollars. This massive sum is split between cold hard cash and Facebook shares and will give control of the company to Zuckerberg and co.

This could lead to two foreseeable outcomes. The first is that Facebook forces the Oculus Rift to become social media centric. Think: 3D Farmville, virtual reality tours of your best friend’s new car or 3D modelling of your cousin’s ugly baby. The second and infinitely more appealing outcome is that Oculus now has solid financial backing and can move ahead with the support (but not interference) of Zuckerberg’s social media behemoth. Only time will tell how this one plays out. One thing is for sure though, Mr Zuckerberg’s Scrooge McDuck fantasies can now be played out without any further head trauma.

Ubisoft in shock sequel confession

Posted by Erin Marcon On Tuesday 25 March 2014No Comments

After its marketing plan was last week derailed by leaked assets published by Kotaku, Ubisoft has elected to formally confirm details of its next Assassin’s Creed blockbuster. The follow-up to last year’s dramatic return to form for the series will be known as Assassin’s Creed Unity. Set during the tumult of the French revolution, the game will again see players explore the eons old conflict between the Assassin and Templar orders. The official gameplay footage released alongside the announcement suggests that the core mechanics of the series remain unchanged.

Ubisoft’s response to the leak has actually become quite playful. “We have been working on the new Assassin’s Creed for more than three years and although we weren’t quite ready to show you our full vision for a next-gen only AC, it seems Abstergo are trying to force our hand.” Featured quite heavily in the most recent series instalment, Abstergo is a fictional video game company loosely based on Ubisoft itself.

Target platforms are yet to be announced, but XBO and PS4 seem like safe bets. The release date also remains a mystery, but previous chapters have arrived in October or November.

Carmageddon: Reincarnation Preview

Posted by Matthew Hewson On Monday 24 March 20141 Comment

Coming to PC l Published and developed by Stainless Games l Unclassified l Early access commences 27.03.14

Let me tell you a story folks. This is the story of a young lad who had just ventured down to the video game store to borrow a PC game (in those days you could actually borrow PC games). This young lad had heard of a mythical title involving fast cars, auto carnage and pedestrian pulverisation. The game was called Carmageddon and once he had it in his hot little hands it changed that boy’s life. From that day on he was a video game addict. While previously he had certainly enjoyed gaming, it was Carmageddon that changed his part-time hobby into a full-blown obsession. Read the rest of this entry »